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Betting is more than a passion or a hobby, I consider it a job in its own right. For the online release of a single bet, I analyze for several hours the teams that will compete and I use a specific method of work allowing me to reduce the factor " luck" as low as possible. It is obviously impossible to arrive at a zero risk and therefore we must accept to lose a bet. This can happen because of a shot on the post or the crossbar, a bad decision arbitration, a lucky goal in the last second of a match ... and this, even if the analysis is good. This should not compromise the work done upstream if we are sure that it was done correctly. One must always think about the long-term in betting and not stop at one or two missteps to avoid the tilt and thus make hazardous bets without pre-analysis. My analyzes take into account several factors: status of teams, forms, moment, the absences for injuries and/or suspensions, the history between two teams, the motivation of the players, the importance of the match and its position in the sequence of several meetings. I watch the most recent games to confirm me in my bet or to remove doubts. Stats are an essential parameter but they are not everything. Nothing can replace the general impression of matches as to the fitness of a team, its confidence or fragility, the impression left by the key players of a team, their state of fatigue,... Sometimes a team that is lacking in success can make good matches and have bad results and vice versa. This must also be taken into account by any bettor. The sum of all these small parameters can tip the choice between a good bet that will lead you to success and the uncertainty of a risky bet. Everyone can pass a huge odds thanks to luck but the regularity in the work and analysis makes that a bettor will last in time or not.

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