Eight Pointers To Find a Reliable Soccer Betting Tipsters

Pointers To Find a Reliable Soccer Betting Tipsters
Written by, Jacob Cook Tue 04 Sep
Pointers To Find a Reliable Soccer Betting Tipsters
Pointers To Find a Reliable Soccer Betting Tipsters

Eight Pointers To Find a Reliable Soccer Betting Tipsters

The article was last updated on 29th of March 2019.  

Trust is an issue that affects even the minutes of things soccer betting included. And speaking of betting, this industry has experienced massive growth in the recent past which has also attracted scammers from every corner.

Most punters as especially newbies have often fallen into the wrong hands mainly when dealing with soccer betting tipsters who promise heaven but deliver hellish results.

A tipster can be very beneficial to any punter. They are on your side, and they want you to beat the bookie. But finding one that's trustworthy and consistent at the same time is difficult.

You will have to wade through some murky waters before you can find a good, reliable tipster. But how do you find one exactly, and what makes an excellent soccer betting tipster?

8 pointers to look out for before you can engage the services of a tipster blog post image

Here are some pointers to look out for before you can engage the services of a tipster:

1. Avoid soccer betting tipster who have no proven track record

Every reliable tipster has its track record on display for everyone to see. They publish their past wins and as well as their losses, as well as any other information that may be relevant to their practice.

If you encounter a tipster who has a bookie’s affiliate link, but they have no record of their past achievements, then this is a tipster out to earn a commission from the affiliated bookie, and they may be clueless of the tips they are offering.

2. Avoid tipsters that flaunt their recent wins

The other group of soccer betting tipsters you should avoid is those who only showcase their recent wins with a promise of big returns in markets like the acca.

This group is more concerned with catching their next victim, and that’s why they flash around huge winning stakes that act as bait.

3. Soccer betting tipsters that promise double or triple digit return are a big no

We know how uncertain the betting industry is and anyone guarantees you a 100% return on your investment might not be very accurate.

No fool-proof system works in this industry. Someone claiming that they will get a profit no matter what is lying, and is just out for your money.

If it sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that it probably isn't. When it comes to betting, you need more research to be certain. Engage only with trustworthy website who works with reliable partners.  

4. Avoid tipsters who steer clear the bitter truth that loses will occur

Some tipsters will claim that their tips will guarantee you a win. Such tipsters only like talking about how easy it is to earn with soccer betting, and they will rarely talk about things like variance or possibilities of a loss.

Although one can speculate, it's impossible to say for sure which side a match is going to go, and even the best tipsters go wrong sometimes.

5. Avoid Tipsters who avoid sharing their expert picks just before a game kicks off.

No good tipster will hide their stats or level of success unless they are not confident of their work or worse, they are trying to scam you.

Tipsters should be transparent with their information, and if you find one that isn't willing to give you any information, they should not be trusted.

6. Avoid tipsters that are less known in soccer betting forums.

You can always count on your fellow punters to point you in the right direction because you know for a fact that they won't lead you astray.

These individuals would have done their research, and they would know the who's who of the tipping world. Frequent visit soccer betting forums and check out the tipsters they recommend. Avoid tipsters that don't come up on these forums.

You don't want to fall victim to unscrupulous internet cons, and if the tipster is not known out there, then chances of them being up to the task are very limited.

7. Don't spend too much or too little  

Sports tipping marketplaces are reasonably priced. More often than not, the amount you pay will be based on the level of experience of the tipster you want to consult, so don't pay more than necessary.

Also, most marketplaces also offer you a trial period so that you can test the waters before you commit if you should choose to do so.

Try to stay away from people who offer tips for free as well. Twitter tipsters are all the rage, but it was found that many of them were setting you up to lose.

They are usually partnered with betting companies, and sometimes purposefully publish wrong information, as they profit from your losses.

8. Follow certified professional soccer betting tipsters in reliable sports betting tips marketplace.

There are several soccer tipping marketplaces that you can choose from, that provide reliable tips, without getting too unrealistic.

SportsPrediction has a wide range of tipsters for you to choose from. Get in the loop now!

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