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Written by, Kristel Gil Mon 27 May
Fundamental Statistical Analysis In Sports Betting

Explore the fundamental statistical analysis methods used in sports betting. Learn how to interpret data, identify trends, and make informed betting decisions.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Wed 16 Aug
Maximizing Your Returns With The Best Soccer Bets And Odds

Unlock the path to maximizing your profits with our ultimate guide to the best soccer bets and odds. Discover winning strategies and insights.

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Written by, Oscar Holt Wed 24 May
The Impact Of Injuries, Weather And Other Factors On Betting Odds

Learn how injuries, weather conditions, and other factors can affect the betting odds of sporting events in this article.

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Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 27 Dec
Understand How Do Sportsbooks Make Their Betting Odds

Here’s everything you should know about the betting odds making process that sports bookmakers follow today!

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Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 25 Oct
Most Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odd Betting

Fixed odd betting is wagering on betting markets where the odds of specific wagers are fixed or don't change over time.

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Written by, Jake Woodward Fri 18 Mar
The Importance Of Following The Movement Of Sports Betting Odds

A bettor aware of the change of the betting odds as an event unfolds will be ready to calculate his chances of winning or losing immediately.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Fri 25 Jun
Guide To Calculate Winning Margin

This winning margin varies from one bookie to another and even from one event to another within the same bookmaker. How can I calculate it?

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Written by, Jacob Cook Tue 11 May
Learn What Is The Betting Exchange?

In the betting exchange, one of the bettors acts as if it were a sportsbook. He sets the condition and the odds at which the bet will be paid.

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Written by, Marko Vrakela Mon 15 Mar
Understanding Sports Betting Moneyline

Moneyline is the term used for a prevalent type of bet in North America. If you place a Moneyline bet, you are betting that one team will win a game.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Sun 14 Feb
Learn How To Read The Betting Odds Ratio

Betting odds are one of the fundamental pillars of the sports betting industry. They allow us to evaluate any event occurring probability.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 03 Dec
Learn How To Read Fractional Odds

The fractional odds are standard in the UK. They are still used because most of the main bookie headquarters are there.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Sat 23 Mar
Build A Sports Betting Strategy With The Kelly Criterion

Build a betting strategy you can be proud of with the Kelly Criterion sports betting strategy.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Thu 16 Aug
Half-time and Full-time Market In Soccer Betting

Know more about the traditional early soccer betting markets of half-time/full-time market

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