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Tag Filter : Juventus
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Written by, Marko Vrakela Sun 10 Jul
Juventus Will Fight To Retake Their Place

The team that has been strengthened to have a great year in both Serie A and the Champions League is Juventus.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Fri 09 Jul
Reviewing Juventus FC In 2020 Italian Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pirlo will seek to lead Juventus FC to the tenth consecutive scudetto and the Champions League final.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Sat 18 Apr
Soccer Prediction | Italy Serie A 2020 Top 4 Predictions - Part 2

Do you watch Serie A games and are interested in knowing how things unfold in the second half of the season? Today, we will look at the Italy Serie A 2020 top 4 teams.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Sun 29 Sep
Soccer Prediction | Italy Series A 2019/2020 Prediction Part 1

The Italy Series A has went into week 6 now, watch this video from the Soccer Prediction web series for the current top teams review and betting trends.

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