Juventus Fight To Retake Their Place

Juventus Will Fight To Retake Their Place
Written by, Marko Vrakela Sun 10 Jul
Juventus Will Fight To Retake Their Place
Juventus Will Fight To Retake Their Place

Juventus Fight To Retake Their Place

Milan, Inter, Napoli, and Juventus were the four great teams that led the 2021-22 season of the Italian Serie A. Milan was the champion against the harassment of Inter. Meanwhile, Napoli was close to them, and Juventus was in fourth place. If we can say anything about last season in Serie A, it was full of emotion and a lot of competition. The teams were even, and the difference in points between the mid-table positions and the top places was relatively small. The season that will start soon will have Milan as a favorite along with Inter; however, the team that has been strengthened to have a great year in both Serie A and the Champions League is Juventus. Yes, the Vecchia Signora is preparing to recover its glory by beating Milan and Inter.

Last year, the lack of leadership at Juve was notorious. Massimiliano Allegri's team had two big problems: they scored very few goals (57) and conceded many goals (37). This situation is terrible in football. Despite that, they still managed to take fourth place and have a ticket to the Champions League. This says a lot about the great joint effort the club showed to endure throughout the season and stay in the top four. The best thing Juventus had last season was the incredible performance of young Serbian striker Dušan Vlahović. This striker finished the year in Serie A with 24 goals.

Vlahović is 22 years old, and everybody expects him to exploit his full potential this year, which will consolidate Juve's offense. But, this will only be possible thanks to the new reinforcements that the team hired in the transfer market, which now give the club another face. The leader this team needed has arrived. Juventus signed the Argentine winger Angel Di Maria after spending several seasons with Paris Saint-Germain. Di María is an emblematic player with an incredibly technical and tactical ability to run all over the field and keep the team in order. Also, he has the character of a leader. He is a respected player who will only bring benefits to the club. Adding to Di María's experience is the return to Juve of midfielder Paul Pogba. He arrives after playing for Manchester United, and both possess the ability to nurture Dušan Vlahović's game. Thus, the Bianconeri should have a solid midfield with effective attacking advances.

Besides, to improve the defensive failings that were on display last season, Juve signed young Italian sensation Andrea Cambiaso. Despite his young age (22), he gives the impression of being ready for a full season with Serie A. So far, the transfer market - which is not over yet - has been a success for Juventus. They managed to hire the necessary players to have all the weapons for the new season. Hence, it would not be a surprise if the team manages to get rid of the Milan and Inter teams and win the Scudetto in the 2022-23 season.

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