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Written by, Oscar Holt Fri 19 Aug
José Mourinho Has a Mission: To Resurrect AS Roma

José Mourinho arrived at AS Roma in the middle of a gray panorama. The best position the team had obtained in the last three seasons was in fifth place in Serie A.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 30 Sep
Tottenham Hotspurs In 2020/21 English Premier League

Still trophy-less, but the progress is still there for Tottenham Hotspurs. They have finally become a lethal force in Europe under Mourinho

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Written by, Asher K Thu 04 Jul
Sarriball Unbeaten Run In Europe

Chelsea has undergone a massive metamorphosis, have had a phenomenal season under their new manager, this system is known as Sarrismo or Sarriball.

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Written by, Asher K Wed 26 Jun
How To Become A Football Manager?

A football manager can be compared to a chess player. They control their players like chess pieces on a board. Learn how to become a football manager in this article.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 18 Jan
Accounting The New Manager Bounce In Your Soccer Betting Strategy

How does this fit into your betting strategy? Well, if you are looking at betting on a game and one of the clubs has changed its manager.

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Written by, Asher K Mon 14 Jan
Zinedine Zidane Run As Club Manager

Zinedine Zidane was a very successful footballer and so far, has continued the trend into his managerial career.

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Written by, Asher K Tue 04 Dec
Club Manager Arsene Wenger : The End Of An Era

After Arsene Wenger 22 years as the club manager, Arsenal will see the end of an era as they usher a new one under Unai Emry.

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Written by, Oscar Holt Sat 17 Nov
Manager Pep Guardiola Magic Double 2008-2009

Pep Guardiola went on to manage other giant clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester City and has won some major silverware in his tenure as manager.

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Written by, Asher K Thu 20 Sep
Premier League Manager Of The Month (August and September 2018)

The Premier League best manager is given the Barclays Manager of the Month award by an expert panel of Football Association members.

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