Pep Guardiola Magic Double 2008-2009

Manager Pep Guardiola Magic Double 2008-2009
Written by, Oscar Holt Sat 17 Nov
Manager Pep Guardiola Magic Double 2008-2009
Manager Pep Guardiola Magic Double 2008-2009

Pep Guardiola Magic Double 2008-2009

Pep Guardiola, the very same manager with over 20 major trophies in his managing career including 2 Champions League with Barcelona, has also won several awards during his glorious playing days as a Catalonian player.

Pep’s rise to fame as a reputed manager started in 2008 when Frank Rijkaard managed the Barcelona FC. Right from Ronaldinho to Eto’o, Barcelona had it all but failed to live up to the squad’s capability after winning the Champions league in 2006.

So, the president decided to replace Frank with Josep, who was at the time already coaching the Barcelona B team with decent results.

This marked a new era in Catalan football.

Tiki-taka attacking system by Pep Guardiola

The term tiki-taka is derived from a Spanish song with its literal translation being
‘keep it for you.’ That’s what tiki-taka is all about, playing possession and passes. Pep Guardiola made sure his Barcelona team adhered to the principles of tiki-taka and possession with FCB finishing games with 70-75% possession.

Tiki-taka was the perfect attacking system for incisive players like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, etc. It enabled Barcelona to play free-flowing football and dominate the League under Pep’s management. League rivals, Real Madrid managed by Jose at the time couldn’t manage to defeat Barcelona in a single game. Atletico was on top of their game too, but Barcelona always came out on top.


Pep Guardiola managed to win the most elite and prestigious award in European club football. The Champions League. Pep’s side brushed away a lethal Manchester United side in 2009, then under Sir. Alex Ferguson to lift the treble. That season also marked the first Ballon d’Or for Lionel Messi, his first among five that he has at present.

Following his success, Pep Guardiola went on to manage other giant clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester City and has won some major silverware in his tenure as manager.

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