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Written by, Jacob Cook Thu 28 Jan
Best Sites So Far To Get Free UEFA Champions League Betting Tips

Punters look for betting tips on the internet to increase their winning chances. But, what are the best sites so far to get free UEFA Champions League betting tips?

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Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 08 Jan
Insurance Betting System Explained

There's a variety of betting systems and every punter should find the one that fits his needs. If you look for protecting your bankroll you should see here what the Insurance Betting System can do for you.

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Written by, Jake Woodward Mon 16 Nov
Do You Have A Good ROI On Sports Betting?

ROI (Return of Investment for its acronym in English), is one of the essential concepts in sports betting and in any type of investment.

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Written by, Arnaldo Brito Thu 12 Mar
SportsPrediction Blog | How Many Betting Sites Should I join?

There are some advantages to using multiple betting sites. Learn some of the benefits may include in this article.

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Written by, Arnaldo Brito Thu 27 Feb
SportsPrediction Blog | Big Data and Football Betting

Professional bettors around the world are using big data to create more accurate models in predicting football betting outcomes. In this article we will explain how to use Big Data in football betting.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Wed 15 Jan
Statistical Anomalies In Sports Betting System

Statistical anomalies are a part of every sports betting system. When analyzing potential outcomes within your system, you must take detailed notes and notice the statistical anomalies.

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Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 22 Aug
6 Sports Betting Tips For All Kind Of Bettors

Learn how to become a smart bettors in this articles with the 6 sports betting tips shared by expert betting tipsters.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Thu 15 Aug
The Football Betting Tactics Every Newbie Should Know

If you're new to football betting and want to progress from being a novice to making a profit in the sport, you need to adopt tactics and strategies that will help you win consistently.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Sat 13 Apr
Best Soccer Tipsters Providers To Watch Out For In 2019

Exclusive list! Best soccer tipsters to watch out and follow in 2019 to increase your winning rate in soccer betting.

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Written by, Sophie Sat 30 Mar
4 Betting Tips To Help You Win Your Next Soccer Bets

Soccer betting will be challenging without any strategies, follow this 4 expert betting tips to success in soccer betting.

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Written by, Jacob Cook Sat 23 Mar
Build A Sports Betting Strategy With The Kelly Criterion

Build a betting strategy you can be proud of with the Kelly Criterion sports betting strategy.

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Written by, Jake Woodward Sat 09 Feb
How to use mathematics to beat the bookies?

Beating bookies in betting sounds awkward, but it is possible through properly calculated mathematics. Learn from sportsprediction expert to beat the bookies.

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