Betting On Live Games

Everything You Need To Betting On Live Games
Written by, Jacob Cook Wed 16 Nov
Everything You Need To Betting On Live Games
Everything You Need To Betting On Live Games

Betting On Live Games

A punter looking to make a wager on a particular betting event or outcome is inclined to make the most profitable wager in line with a punter’s betting strategy and long-term goals. In the 21st century and with the advent of broadband internet, punters have access to hundreds of betting options such as betting markets, matches, sports, events, players, etc., to place wagers on every day. While more betting options give punters more to choose from, a punter must also calculate the opportunity cost of making a wager. The opportunity cost of making a wager is the potential profit a punter could miss out on by neglecting other bets. A punter has limited funds and can allocate them in a limited way. When a punter makes a wager on one outcome, they have fewer resources to give to other results, which is a punter’s opportunity cost. Two of the main types of wagers punters make in soccer include betting on live games and betting on games before the start of an event.

What Are Live Games?

Live games are real-time play for fans to follow and punters to place wagers based on the game's events. The 90 minutes of play during a game are the most critical for live game wagers because the odds and probability of winning a wager change based on the teams' performance, respectively.

Features Of Betting On Live Games

Some of the critical features of making wagers on live games include the following:

Bets After The Start Of a Game

Punters place live game bets after a game but before the end of the stipulated 90 or 120 minutes of play. For most fixed odd wagers, punters can access fixed odds and can’t utilize favorable information for profitable bets. Variable strange chances such as live game wagers changed based on a game’s form and expected outcome. Only variable odd bets enable punters to make a wager after the start of a game.

Variable Odds

Variable odds are odds listed in a changing format which is the opposite of fixed odds. Fixed odds don’t change, while varying odds reflect the payout and probability of winning a particular wager. Variable odds enable punters to place a bet before a game or during the match, while fixed odds punters can place wagers before the start of a game or tournament. Pre-game wagers are also fixed odd stakes and differ from live game bets.

Have To Follow the Game

Punters making in-game or wagers after the start of a game need to consider following essential data and news before the game, but also significant developments during the game. For example, if a team has 80% possession after the first half of play, a punter can assume that the second half of the same game is likely to continue in the same trend.

Arbitrage And Value Bets

Arbitrage wagers enable punters to win a guaranteed profit by making a wager, laying a bet, and pocketing the difference. Value betting situations are situations when punters can make a profit from mispriced odds. Too many or too few punters making wagers on the same outcome can result in mispriced and value betting situations. Variable odds give punters the most opportunity to make arbitrage wagers and spot potential value betting situations.

Accommodate For Late Changes/Injuries

Punters can accommodate for late changes to squads, injuries during warm-ups before a game, or strategic substitutions when betting on live games. Any drastic change right before kickoff can have an impact on the performance of that particular team. If a punter places a wager much before the start of a game, then they can't accommodate new changes in the squad, odds, and probability of the bet.


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