How Not To Go Broke Betting On Sports

Learn How Not To Go Broke Betting On Sports
Written by, Jake Woodward Wed 18 Aug
Learn How Not To Go Broke Betting On Sports
Learn How Not To Go Broke Betting On Sports

How Not To Go Broke Betting On Sports

Most punters see sports betting only as a hobby. They invest part of their income in exchange for the fun that betting produces. Some days they will win; other days, they will lose. However, there is a fine line between viewing sports bets as leisure and getting addicted to them. Then, you should read next what you must do to not break when betting on sports.

How To Avoid Getting Broke When Betting On Sports

  • Use the money you don't need: Never bet using the money you need to pay your basic expenses. Although this seems quite logical, many players end up ruined by this.

Unexpected things constantly happen in sports. Therefore, the idea is that you only bet money that you can afford to lose. Never enter money into your bookie that you will later need in other areas of your daily life. Therefore, to avoid temptations, it is best to establish deposit limits for periods.

  • Manage your bankroll very well: A big mistake many bettors make is betting disproportionately, without parameters to measure risk. If you do that, you are doomed to lose money.

Good bank management consists of establishing standard risks for each bet. Also, you should set a maximum bet amount. This measure will prevent you from running out of money soon, and even you could get profits in the long run. In this sense, advanced bettors recommend that you risk between 2% and 5% of your bankroll in each bet. The risk you can take will change according to the confidence you have in your bet.

  • Never chase your losses: Do not bet more money on your next bet to recover lost money. This way, you will enter a losing spiral from which it is difficult to escape. If you lost a lot of money in the past, take it as a lesson: it can happen again.

If you insist on risking more to recover in your next bet what you have lost, you will surely lose more. In this way, many bettors go bankrupt. They try to recover the lost money immediately. But, losing streaks can go on for a long time. So, it is best to bet responsibly with a cold mind so as not to lose money.

  •     Don't bet impulsively: When you bet on intuition, you have everything against you. You are gambling without any basis, and this will end up leading you to ruin in the medium or long term. Thus, we recommend that you analyze and choose very well the strategies or tips you will follow when betting on sports. Never bet by intuition because, generally, you will carry the odds against you.


The first thing you should be clear about is that betting is not a reliable source of income. Although you can profit from them, a losing streak could mean losing everything. If you put the money you needed for your daily life at risk, you will have a financial problem. On the contrary, betting on sports will be fun and risk-free if you keep these tips in mind. In the end, it is all about being methodic, patient, and disciplined.

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