Effective Tactics For Selecting BTTS In Soccer Betting

Strategies To Employ To Pick BTTS In Soccer Betting
Written by, Kristel Gil Mon 13 May
Strategies To Employ To Pick BTTS In Soccer Betting
Strategies To Employ To Pick BTTS In Soccer Betting

Effective Tactics For Selecting BTTS In Soccer Betting

In the soccer betting market, both teams to score is a relatively new wager. Since its invention, it has grown in popularity, often abbreviated as BTTS. It has become a famous wager among soccer bettors. Its simplicity plays at least some part in this. In general, bettors who bet primarily for enjoyment prefer simple stakes. This article briefly explains the BTTS wager and some strategies for picking your teams to score winners.

BTTS Betting On Football Explained

In football, BTTS is one of the most popular markets. The bookmaker usually offers a heading called Both Teams to Score and allows you to select either 'No' or 'Yes.' Choosing yes means you bet on both teams scoring, while selecting no means you bet on one or both not achieving. There are other markets under this title. It is not relevant how many goals each team scores in this market as long as they score at least one goal. You have an increased chance of winning by 33.3% to 50% when you bet on 'yes' or 'no.' Due to this, a third option (which is usually a draw) is out.

Top Strategies To Pick a BTTS Winner

The following tips will help you pick both teams to score an accumulator win.

Make Sure You Know Your Leagues

There are plenty of leagues out there that see goals flow week in, week out (Holland – Jupiler, Sweden – Allsvenskan, Superettan) but beware of the companies where plans can be hard to come by, such as the Football League in Greece, Botola Pro in Morocco, and Segunda in Spain. Before selecting a game for your BTTS accumulator, check out the average goals scored per game in leagues you are unfamiliar with. You should pick games from clubs where there are many goals.

BTTS & Clean Sheet %

Check the percentage of games in which both teams have scored for a couple in their season's fixtures. There can be phases of games that involve BTTS, but consider a team's most recent form - the last six games are what we like to pay attention to. Likewise, it would help to avoid including groups with many clean sheets. Ideally, you want games where the teams rarely keep a clean sheet and need to improve at defending.

Home & Away

We also consider each team's home and away form when analyzing potential BTTS match-ups. They are measured based on their home & away goalscoring form and their home & away win/draw/loss results. It is always worth checking the away team's scoring form when playing on the road, as there is a higher chance the away team will score than the home team. Look for games in which the away team consistently scores.

Early Goals

A BTTS bet with an early goal is a dream come true, but an away goal is an even better start. When a team is down a plan, the pressure from the home fans can help them out, so it's always worth looking at total goals scored in the first half, especially if they're the away side. Identify teams with a preference for early purposes.


It is a great start to check in certain leagues, such as the Scottish leagues, where teams can play each other as often as four times a season but don't check far back as games farther back can be irrelevant if groups have changed managers or players have moved on. If you are adding a game such as this to your accumulator, consider the other points we discussed (Barcelona-Real Madrid, Liverpool-Man City). Look for fixtures with a recent trend of BTTS.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you should check the starting lineups of the teams involved in your BTTS pick. A team's scoring chances may be affected if it includes top goalscorer/s. Alternatively, you could look for games where teams still need their key defenders or goalkeepers, making them less likely to keep a clean sheet.


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