When To Bet On Both Teams to Score (BTTS)?

Learn When Should You Bet On Both Teams to Score (BTTS)
Written by, Kristel Gil Fri 04 Mar
Learn When Should You Bet On Both Teams to Score (BTTS)
Learn When Should You Bet On Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

When To Bet On Both Teams to Score (BTTS)?

When you get into sports betting, you will find various bet types, depending on the markets and events you want to bet on. In general, each market presents entirely different challenges to others. Thus, to make a profit, good bettors know a range of strategies that fit each need. So, we recommend you to study all possible strategies not only to win. Also, you can take care of your funds as much as possible with these strategies. The most popular sport to bet on is football, which offers a variety of bet types and countless opportunities to win at good odds.

Both Teams To Score

Likewise, in soccer, one of the most common and popular bets among new and expert bettors is “Both Teams To Score," or BTTS. And although it can be said that it is a traditional bet, it represents the same risk as any other type of bet since, as the experts say, in football, everything is possible. But, in particular, the Both Teams to Score or BTTS betting market is in high demand. Besides, considering the numerous events available, punters have the opportunity to find good odds that translate into winning options.

Essentially, its name explains what it is about: in a soccer match, a bet is placed in which the two opposing teams are expected to score at least one goal each. Here, no matter who wins the match. But, even though it may sound simple and you may believe that a win is guaranteed if you place this bet. Well, we are sorry to tell you that there are some particularities that you must consider to win. So, the BTTS bet is not so infallible in all events.

A factor that a good bettor should never ignore is the knowledge of the teams involved. Also, you should monitor the number and frequency with which they score goals. Remind that many groups have weak offensive lines, and they have many games where they don't score a single goal. Situations like this create danger when using the BTTS bet. But if the teams are even and have a good percentage of goals scored per match, then this provides a good window of opportunity to win.

Although in the BTTS bet there is no concern about which team will win, as long as both score a goal. Moreover, the bookmakers create some variables for this type of bet to offer bettors better odds options. For example, we have the BTTS + Over/Under bet. There, you bet on the number of goals scored in the match, and you can also bet BTTS on the number of goals scored in each half of the match.

In general, the BTTS bet is an excellent option for any bettor who finds an event in which the teams have similar offensive characteristics and statistics. But, the caveat is to beware of events where one team is superior to the other. In this case, the underdog may fail to score, and you lose using the BTTS bet.

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