Bet Effectively Using The Over / Under Method

How To Bet Effectively Using The Over / Under Method
Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 02 Apr
How To Bet Effectively Using The Over / Under Method
How To Bet Effectively Using The Over / Under Method

Bet Effectively Using The Over / Under Method

One of the most common bets in sports is the Over / Under. This betting market refers to the scorings number of a sporting event. Scorings can be goals, points, games, and so forth. Bets predict whether the total of scoring will be above, "over," or below, "under" a pre-established amount. In this type of bet, the odds usually offered are very attractive. So, they are a very popular betting market among bettors. Depending on the sport you want to bet on, the Over / Under usually offers good profits opportunities.

How Do Over / Under Bets Work?

We will use football to explain how this type of betting works. Bettors must select if the score exceeds or is under a certain number. In this sport, the most used reference value is 2.5 because, statistically speaking, the goal average in a soccer match ranges between 2 and 3. Thus, we can bet if a match ends with more or less than 2.5 goals. The decimal value makes it impossible for the total of scorings to coincide with the Over / Under line. In this way, it is clear how many goals we are betting on.If we bet on Over 2.5 and the sum of the goals scored by both teams is equal or superior to three, we'll win. It does not matter if the final score is 3-2, 1-4, or 2-1. However, to win betting the Under 2.5, both teams' total of goals should be equal to or less than 2.

Like basketball or baseball, the Over / Under does not have fixed figures because the final results depend on the playing teams. In baseball, you can bet on the total of careers, for example, plus or minus 7.5. In basketball, you can bet that the final result will total, for example, more or less than 200 points. This market is not limited to the number of scorings. Some bookies offer bets on the number of cards, corner kicks, sets, fouls, etc. 

Tips For Betting On The Over / Under Market

When analyzing the possible number of scorings of a match, it is important to have in mind factors such as:

  • It is important to review the recent offensive performance of each team. We must check how often their last matches finished above or below the over / under the total.
  • It is also relevant to review the defensive capacity of the teams facing each other. This will influence the match number of scores.
  • You must be attentive to the news that may occur about the teams. This includes absences or returns of important players. You should also take into account how the morale and the players' fatigue are. Even the coaches' strategies or styles will influence scoring.
  • Usually, in contested matches, punters bet on Under, whatever the sport. In football, a popular strategy is to bet on Over 2.5 when the favorite plays at home. Likewise, we should bet on Under 2.5 when it plays away.

The Over / Under betting market is not as easy as it seems. It requires knowing the sport, the teams, and other elements to beat the bookies.

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