Seven Types Of Soccer Betting Markets

Seven Types Of Soccer Betting Markets An Advanced Punters Preferred
Written by, Kristel Gil Mon 24 Aug
Seven Types Of Soccer Betting Markets An Advanced Punters Preferred
Seven Types Of Soccer Betting Markets An Advanced Punters Preferred

Seven Types Of Soccer Betting Markets

A betting market is a selection of odds that any betting site offers in its various modalities. Each one presents different challenges. Sportsbook provide more and more options to the user to place their bets on the available betting markets. All these betting markets are not of equal importance, and expert bettors usually prefer some bets over others. The following are among the most popular football betting markets among advanced bettors:


European Handicap

The European handicap is an advantage or disadvantage that we add to the score of a contender to take advantage of severe imbalance bets. If there is a clear favorite that a team will win on most occasions, the EU bet works to increase the difficulty of the bet, and also to increase the odds and the possible punter's earnings. This advantage or disadvantage is expressed with whole numbers (1, 2, 3 ...). It considers the draw possibility as a possible bet.


Asian Handicap

With the Asian handicap, this type of bet's advantages or disadvantages is awarded to one of the contestants to eliminate the tie as a third result. That causes the bet to be won or lost. In case the match ends in a draw, the bookie will refund the money bet. Here, the advantage or disadvantages can be shown in decimal numbers (0.25, 0.5, and 0.75).


Draw No Bet

Sometimes bettors refer draw no bet market through its initials: DNB. It means 'Draw, invalid bet,' implying that if the match result is a tie, the bet is void and the amount played is returned.



Over/Under is one of the most prevalent bets in football matches. For this type of bet, if the total of goals predicted to score in a match exceeds or below a value preset by the bookmaker, you can bet on a few possibilities. Like betting on over/under 1.5 goals, 2.5 goals, and so forth.


Half-time / Full-time

In this bet, you will need to predict the match's result for both half time and full time. To make the first half / final predictions, it is essential to take into account several aspects. You should consider the league, historical results, team formation, and the way teams approach the different match stages.


Both Teams to Score

BTTS could be a risky wager. Even though this bet seems easy to estimate a match in which both teams scored. But, when it comes down to it, practically in 50% of the games, both teams score. Likewise, the other half of the matches end up with only one team or none of them scoring. You must estimate very well the scoring probability of both sides involved in a game.


Correct Score

Through this market, we forecast the ending outcome of a soccer match. This type of betting has the complication of hitting the exact result of a match. It usually appears in sports with low scoring frequencies like soccer, where you can make big profits. However, you must be careful when choosing your forecast and analyze thoroughly the teams that face each other.

To take advantage of these betting markets, you must know the teams and leagues that fit the better to them. Advanced punters follow and analyze the specific clubs on which they can bet on these betting markets. So, if you want to bet as experts do, you should study your forecast very well before placing these types of wagers.

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