Alternative of Asian Handicap Betting Market

What Is Alternative Asian handicap In Soccer Betting?
Written by, Jake Woodward Mon 04 Nov
What Is Alternative Asian handicap In Soccer Betting?
What Is Alternative Asian handicap In Soccer Betting?

Alternative of Asian Handicap Betting Market

A traditional fixed odds betting market presents punters with three options:

  • Team A Win
  • Team B Win
  • Draw

Asian Handicap Betting eliminates the prospect of a draw, leaving speculators with two alternatives. The underdogs receive a handicap to give them a fair chance against the favorites. It reduces the possibility of a draw for the punters. They place bets on whether the weaker team benefits from the lead or the bigger side surpasses the handicap.


How Does Asian Handicap Betting Work?

To gain the win, the favorite must surpass the handicap. Say Manchester City has a handicap of - 1.5 placed on them. In this case, only a victory with two or more goals can fetch them their win. On the other hand, Swansea as underdogs will have a head start of +1.5 goals. This means in the event of a single goal victory for Manchester City, Swansea still wins with the handicap as their advantage.

The different types of handicaps are:

  • Level Handicap

This is a type of Asian Handicap Betting where both the teams have the potential to beat the other. There is no handicap placed in this case, but it eliminates the draw.

  • Single Handicap

When the difference in the abilities of the teams seems fundamental, then a single handicap gives the underdog a fair chance.

  • Split Handicap

For split handicap, the difference between the potential of both the teams is not much.

In all three cases, if the game results in a draw, you get a refund for your bet (with certain deductions in split handicap).


Example of Asian Handicap Betting in Soccer

Consider the following simple pattern for a single handicap:

In a premier league game between Liverpool and West Ham United, West Ham gets a handicap of +1.5. This gives them a 1.5 goal lead over Liverpool from the beginning. If the final score tallies to Liverpool 2 and West Ham 1, a handicap bet placed on West Ham wins. After considering the handicap, the total changes to Liverpool 2 and West Ham United 2.5 (1 goal +1.5 handicap).


Now, for a split handicap bet consider this example:

Take, for instance, the same fixture in the above example (Liverpool vs. West Ham United). The handicaps are Liverpool 0.0/-1.0 and West Ham United 0.0/+1.0.

If the concluding score is Liverpool 2, West Ham 1, and you bet on West Ham United, half of your bet loses. A refund initiates for the other half ending in a definite draw.



Asian Handicap Betting eliminates draw as an outcome leaving punters with just winning and losing as options. In a handicap, the underdog gets an edge over the favorite side to give the speculators a fair chance. Also, considering critical changes in the lineup proves beneficial to win any bet.

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