What Is Statistical Anomalies?

Statistical Anomalies In Sports Betting System
Written by, Jacob Cook Wed 15 Jan
Statistical Anomalies In Sports Betting System
Statistical Anomalies In Sports Betting System

What Is Statistical Anomalies?

Statistical anomalies are a part of every sports betting system. When analyzing potential outcomes within your system, you must take detailed notes and notice the statistical anomalies.

When it comes to football betting, there’s plenty of statistical anomalies to look out for out there. Perhaps the most common one is when a team is expected to win a match, but they come out as the losing side. This affects team morale in most cases, resulting in unexpected losses or bad performances in the following matches.

When looking at a potential matchup, it’s very important to look at the factors that neither team can affect. One of the examples is the referee. Is Team A is known for its aggressive approach; its players will often favor a referee who doesn’t show cards easily. If a referee assigned for their next match is the one known for handing out cards left and right, you can expect Team A’s performance to dip due to this circumstance.

Another crucial outside factor in the outcome of football matches is the weather. The weather obviously cannot be affected by either club in any way, so it’s something to look out for when betting on favorites. Favorites in football tend to have more of the possession against their rivals on the day. When this happens, quick passing is often the key to unlocking opposition defenses who mostly sit back when in the underdog position. Quick passing can be hindered by a wet pitch, giving a big advantage to the defending side.

Take, for example, the World Cup in 1954. West Germany was about to play heavily against Hungary in the finals. This Hungary side, led by Puskas, looked absolutely unstoppable in the tournament. By dominating possession and having attackers drop deep, thus opening spaces for other players in the team, Hungary managed to take everyone by surprise. Defenses didn’t know who to guard, as Hungary players exchanged positions all the time. When the World Cup final arrived, there was only one thing West Germany’s manager prayed for - the rain.

What West Germany did, and Hungary (and nobody else in the tournament for that matter) didn’t have was cleats made especially for rainy weather. Once the rain started pouring from the skies, West Germany knew that their chances rose, even though the world gave them a zero chance to win. Sure enough, Hungarians couldn’t cope with the heavy rain, and West Germany weathered their way to a 3-2 victory and the World Cup glory.


Statistical Anomalies Sports Betting System

When looking at statistical anomalies in sports betting, always take note in as many factors as you can. Look at the historical data, analyze the team’s performance based on specific events and circumstances. None of this guarantees the success of profits, because no betting system in the world does. What it does do, however, is that it puts you in the best possible position to win, and to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Choose the right betting system and look in detail for any kind of statistical anomaly that might occur. This will put you where you want to be, and hopefully secure profits in the long-term.

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