What Is Insurance Betting System?

Insurance Betting System Explained
Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 08 Jan
Insurance Betting System Explained
Insurance Betting System Explained

What Is Insurance Betting System?

A betting system is a strategic plan developed to increase the players' success chances when betting. Let's start with its essential elements. The most known types of betting systems are positive progression betting and negative progression betting. In the first system, players increase their bet every time they win. The second one is increasing the bet amounts every time you lose a bet looking to regain previous losses with a single winning bet. It requires a large bankroll and a strong mind as it is riskier than other systems. But there is yet a third option. This is the insurance betting system. Unlike the previous case, you will decrease your bet with each lost bet if you follow this system. This means a more secure betting style in bankroll management.

How Does The Insurance Betting System Work?

Some betting systems can be risky. Such is the case of the Martingale and the D'Alembert. A system in which the bettor doubles his bet after losing even several times in a row is not for beginners. Are you a novice punter or a conservative person? Then, you could be interested in using a less risky system like the insurance betting system. So, here you will get some guidelines on how to use it.

Applying the insurance betting system is very easy. It only comes to reduce the bet amount after every loss. This way, you protect yourself from bankruptcy. Suppose you place a wager for $20. If you lose, you will reduce your bet, for example, to $15. If you lose again, you will reduce your next bet to $5. In case you get a win, you will increase your bet amount newly. The main insurance system advantage is that you won't invest higher amounts when going through a negative streak. However, as it occurs with every betting system, you must have an essential drawback in mind.

The Insurance Betting System Disadvantage

The insurance betting system doesn't allow us to recover from our losses unless we get into a winning streak. If we're talking about this system's biggest disadvantage, we're not going to lie that this probably is. For example, if you start betting $20 and after losing you drop to $15, and fail again, then to $10 and you win. Suppose you won the third bet at an odd of 1.5. Your net losses will be $30 ($45-$15). Hence, you won't recover your money with that only winning bet. You will need to put several inline wins to get your funds back.

However, the insurance betting system will suit you if you find it difficult to manage your bankroll. Especially when being on a losing streak. This system's objective is to preserve the punter's bankroll as much as possible. Your bankroll will grow depending on how you raise your bets and the odds you choose during winning sequences.

Wrapping Up

Select an easy-to-apply bankroll managing formula that fits your characteristics as a bettor. I prefer them over those trending and complicated. In the end, none of these systems can warrant you 100% success. So, stick to that one that works for you. If this is the insurance betting system, you already know how to use it.

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