Sports Betting Systems Explained

What Are Sports Betting Systems?
Written by, Jacob Cook Tue 30 Jul
What Are Sports Betting Systems?
What Are Sports Betting Systems?

Sports Betting Systems Explained

The best way to ensure long term success and regular profits when it comes to betting on sports, it's to adopt or develop a sports betting system. Most professional punters have a system that works for them, so if you want to get serious about betting, it's advisable that you find your own.

What are the betting systems?

These systems are tired and tested practices and patterns that punters use to minimize risk and maximize profits when it comes to making a bet. Systems help you place the best chances possible. Essentially, it is a set of parameters that can help you pick a winner. It can be a simple system, like always betting on the underdog when the points spread is +10 when it comes to basketball, or still betting on the home team for soccer games. It can also be a complex system that requires calculations, formulas, and statistics.

For your consideration, here are some universal betting system

Progressive betting

This betting system can be applied to any form of gambling. It involves adjusting the size of your stake based on your previous wins or losses. A positive, progressive betting system involves increasing your bet by a little bit every time you win. In this case, you can start with a small stake and slowly increase the amount as you progress, you will surely increase your profit margin. In contrast, a negative progressive betting system is one where you increase the stake every time you lose, to make back any money you might have lost. This system is a little riskier than most others, as one could end up chasing their losses.

Martingale system

One of the most popular approaches, this is a negative progressive system, that involves doubling your bet every time you lose. It is increased risk, but it also leads to a huge payout. Let's say you start with $10. If you lose, the next time you bet, you wager $20, then $40, $80 and so on. If you lose 6 times in a row, you'll end up betting $360. There is a significant possibility, but if you win, you will make quite the profit.

Paroli system

Another common approach, the paroli system is also occasionally referred to as the reverse martingale. As you may have already deduced by now, instead of doubling your bet each time you lose, you do it each time you win. If you wager $10 and you win, you bet $20 the next time.

If you find a sound system that works, you've pretty much hit the sports betting goldmine, because you can potentially bring in profits every time you bet. Additionally, systems involve sticking to pre-established methods. This way, personal biases and emotions or any external influence cannot possibly come in the form and hinder your judgment.

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