7 Type Of Sports Betting & Facts

[Infographic] 7 Type Of Sports Betting & Facts
Written by, Kristel Gil Sun 19 May
[Infographic] 7 Type Of Sports Betting & Facts
[Infographic] 7 Type Of Sports Betting & Facts

7 Type Of Sports Betting & Facts

Surprisingly, the craze for online betting is rising, and this is the most popular socially accepted pastime among the people of all ages.

Did you know by 2024, the global gambling and online betting market is expected to reach USD 94.4 billion? According to a survey, it has been estimated that with 20 billion Euros in profit. The UK has gained a competitive edge and positioned itself as the world leader in sports betting.

If you want to get a foothold in the gambling market, then knowing the different types of betting and facts is must for you to enhance your learning.

You might have heard about many types of sports betting, some of the most popular types have been discussed in this infographic.  Take a look at these different types of betting:

Spread Betting

Among the best betting types, Spread Betting is one of the financial betting types in practice widely. Here, the prediction is made whether the price of the bet will be higher or lower. This is also known as ‘side bet.’

Exchange Betting

This generally involves two bets, one backing the selection to win whereas second also backs the same selection to lose. In this, there is no involvement of bookmaker.

E-Sports Betting

It offers fantastic wagering opportunities. Multiple players in e-sports betting participate from around the world to play games online on PC or consoles.

In-Play Betting

Also known as In-running and Live betting, in-play betting starts after an event and up to its conclusion. This allows the bettors to access the situation before betting. Also, the in-play betting bettor has the advantage to trade position. Here is some tips to help you succeed in live soccer betting.

Handicap Betting

It involves giving a virtual advantage or disadvantage to a team or competitors to even the field. Before placing effective bets, it is must to have an in-depth understanding of this betting type to get mastery over interpreting the odds. Here another recommended article, the ultimate handicap betting guide.

Fixed Odds Betting

Sports In this type, bets are placed against odds. The bet results in Win, Lose or Draw. This further involves different types such as Fractional Odds, Decimal Odds and Money Line Wagers.

Total Bets

Popularly known as Over/Under bet, total wager involves prediction made on a total number of goals in the match rather than betting on the winner. Understand more on what does total mean in sports betting.

The infographic bellows speak a volume, we hope:

(Infographic) 7 Types Of Sports Betting & Facts


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