Totals In Sports Betting

What Does Totals Mean in Sports Betting
Written by, Jacob Cook Sat 27 Apr
What Does Totals Mean in Sports Betting
What Does Totals Mean in Sports Betting

Totals In Sports Betting

Known in other words as the over or under bet, 'totals' are single bets that a punter can place on whether or not the point, combined goal, or run the total of a game will result in an over or under of the odds a bookie has offered. Totals are much easier to place in the sense that a wager will only need to predict the total number of goals correctly by the end of the game.

Pros & Cons of Football Totals

There are the major benefits that wagers who place totals get to enjoy:

  • Anyone can join in since they are so easy to understand
  • It is the best type of betting for punters who love recreational sports betting
  • Higher chances of winning by following an incredibly simple method

In as much as totals are easier to tackle and present a higher chance of winning, they can also cost money mainly due to the “fee” that bookmakers charge. This fee depends on the amount of stake you place on every bet.

Take for example a total bet on Chelsea Vs. Manchester United; you notice that the bookie has offered the odds for each team as -130. This means that, for you to place this bet, you will have to part with $130 for a chance to win $100. The extra $30 is the fee that ends up with the bookie.

Over to you

Sports betting is a profitable undertaking, but it also has its troubles. However, we encourage you to get over these troubles by reaching out to our team for a more comprehensive step by step approach. If you like what you are reading here you should read this recommendation article on double chance predictions

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