Ultimate Handicap Betting Guide For Bettors

The Ultimate Handicap Betting Guide
Written by, Jacob Cook Sun 17 Mar
The Ultimate Handicap Betting Guide
The Ultimate Handicap Betting Guide

Ultimate Handicap Betting Guide For Bettors

In sports betting, there are moments when every bettor will encounter some bias in betting odds. However, a good bookmaker will try to offer more appealing and well-balanced odds, and this process is known as a handicap betting. In simple facts, a handicap betting is a measure put in place to neutralize the playing-field through taking into account the difference in foreseen strength of all those participating in the soccer game. This scenario is possible by applying a goal handicap which could be either positive or negative. To further understand how this works, let’s take a look at the three most common types of handicap betting:

Level handicap betting

This is a form of handicap betting where there is no foreseen difference in performance between Team A and Team B. This means that there is no need to place a handicap bias with the two teams starting off with 0 goals. For you to win the bet, you will have to choose the team that you feel will score more as compared to their opponent. Although this type of handicap betting is not favored that much by bettors who are looking for a one-sided encounter, it is useful when it comes to scores because it’s almost a guarantee that there will be no draws. If both teams finish in a tie, a bettor’s bet amount is refunded in full.

Single handicap betting

For a single Handicap to happen, there must be a foreseen difference in performance between Team A and Team B. The team with an upper hand will be issued with the most appropriate goal handicap to bring the grounds to a level. Let’s take an example; you place a bet on Team A with a handicap of -2 goal, that team ought to win with more than two goals to enable you to succeed. In case they only score two goals by the end of the event, it’s resulted in a draw, and your bet is refunded in full. However, if Team A draw or end up with a win, then a bettor loses the bet they placed on Team B.

Split handicap betting

In a split handicap betting, the gap and abilities between the two playing teams are quite narrow. This allows the bettor to divide their stake between two handicaps. As an example, let’s say Team A is offered at (0.5 & 1). Assuming you place a bet on Team A but they end up losing, as a bettor you will also miss the two stakes simply because the two bets did not cover any of the handicaps. On the other hand, if the teams finish in a draw, you will be refunded half of your stake at (0.5) while the other half will lose (1). Lastly, if Team A wins, it will mean that the two handicaps are well covered, and so the two bets will also win.

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