Having Trouble To Win On Soccer Betting?

Having Trouble To Win On Soccer Betting? Read This Now!
Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 20 May
Having Trouble To Win On Soccer Betting? Read This Now!
Having Trouble To Win On Soccer Betting? Read This Now!

Having Trouble To Win On Soccer Betting?

While it is a fact that there is an element of luck involved in all kinds of betting, the winning prospects of soccer betting can be improved. It just needs the punter to leverage the tactical leeway present in every betting event and obtain soccer statistics and predictions from the best tipster website. The fact that many punters are successfully making a living by placing winning bets in soccer proves that winning in soccer might be difficult but not impossible. It just requires acquiring the services of a verified soccer tipster, a good online bookie and accurate tips. This is a lethal combination. It increases the winning chance of the punter provided he chooses the bet properly.

How To Increase The Winning Chance Of A Punter?

  1. Taking advantage of sure bets: The existence of a sure bet in soccer betting might seem like an anomaly but the opportunity exists. These bets also increase the winning chance of the punter to 85%.
  2. Betting against favourites: Betting on favourites is extremely popular in soccer betting. To counter this, bookmakers set high odds for the underdogs. While betting for the underdogs might seem risky, in case of a win, the winning amount is also very high.
  3. Long-term bets are worthwhile: Sometimes long-term bets come with huge odds. Since it becomes difficult to determine probabilities over such long periods, bookmakers tend to make mistakes. By taking advantage of this, punters can make good money.
  4. Single bet comparison: Players, who want to invest in big stakes that ensure a safe win, opt for this betting event. While this technique requires experience and understanding, the guidance of a good and verified soccer tipster helps in the analytical comparison of multiple single bets and in choosing the safest bet.
  5. Betting on ties: It is said that there is a higher chance of winning when punters bet on a tie. Yet most people do not opt to place their bets on draws. However, since they come with high odds, it is a good betting practice to place a wager on a draw.
  6. Estimating odds: This bet should only be considered if there is ample historical data available about the game and its participating teams. Herein punters have to create their odds to compare them with that of the bookies. If the bookies odds are higher, only then can the punter place the bet.
  7. Special bets should never be considered: These are generally won on pure luck. Special bets are also called “fun bets” as the outcome cannot be predicted even by verified soccer tipsters. Thus after knowing this a punter should never place a wager on special bets.
  8. Combination bets: A multi-bet comprises several individual events that are grouped. A combination bet is generally not a preferred bet of most punters as a loss in even 1 event results in the loss of the whole bet. But, combination bets, where betting on favourites are clubbed together, is very popular with punters. This has a relatively lower risk and a high possibility of a win.
  9. Over and under: This is the safest event to bet on since the punter will not have to bet for a specific number of goals. He will just have to select if the goals scored in the upcoming match will be above or below 2.5goals. A statistical analysis shows that an average of 2.8 goals is scored per game. Now the punter just has to find the right game and bet to increase his winning chance.
  10. Betting on late goals: Generally, the last goal is scored in the last quarter of the game. Statistics show that there is a high possibility of the last goal being scored after the 76th minute but before the 90th minute. Thus betting on late goals is somewhat of a sure winner for every game.

If a punter has been previously having trouble with winning, following the above tips will change his fortunes. He will start a winning streak that will refuse to die down especially if he forms a partnership with www.verifiedsoccertipsters.com; one of the best tipsters today.

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