2022 Six Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting

2022 Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting
Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 08 Sep
2022 Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting
2022 Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting

2022 Six Proven Strategies For Double Chance Betting

Punters that prefer making sports wagers have access to several betting markets within each game. A betting market gives a punter ample opportunity to make a wager and the potential to win a profit within a sport. Double chance betting is one market that has grown in popularity among punters looking to make safer wagers or hedge against uncertain outcomes.   

What Is Double Chance Betting?

Double chance betting is a betting market within several sporting events that enables a punter to place a wager on 2 out of 3 outcomes in a betting event. A punter can opt to back a team by a win or a draw in a single bet, or a punter can support a team to lose or draw. Football punters utilize double chance wagers because of the frequency of draw results played across leagues. A punter can place a double chance wager to hedge against unexpected results such as a draw. While a double chance wager minimizes the exposure level of risk to a punter, it also limits a punter’s winnings.

Proven Strategies For Double Chance Bets

Some of the key proven strategies for professional and novice punters looking to adopt double chance wagers include the ability to back two different outcomes in a single bet, lower risk and reward, a high probability of winning wagers, utilized for evenly matched teams in football games, serves as insurance for wagers on Cup finals and as an alternative to other types of betting markets.

1. Backing 2 Outcomes

The main characteristic of double chance wagers is the ability to back two outcomes and win if either of the outcomes wagered on comes to pass. Punters can’t make double chance wagers on events or sports with only two or multiple results, such as a basketball match (low frequency of draws) or horse racing (more than three possible outcomes and participants). Ideally, a punter utilizes a double chance wager in a football match between two evenly matched teams. A punter may favor the home or away team, but to hedge against an unexpected draw, a punter places a double chance wager. A punter has two ways of getting the water right and one way of getting it wrong.  

2. Lower Odds And Profit

While a punter can back a different outcome, it comes at a cost. A punter accepts a lower level of risk and, with it, lower odds and a lower level of profit. Since a punter backs multiple outcomes, it becomes easier for a punter to win a double chance wager. Bookies reduce the odds of winning bets when punters support different results. A punter should consider making a wager on 1 out of 2 or 1 out of 3 outcomes instead of a double chance wager if they’re pretty confident of the game’s result. Alternatively, a punter has a higher probability of winning a double chance wager than a 3-way handicap wager.

4. Utilized For Evenly Matched Football Games

Punters utilize double chance wagers on outcomes between two almost evenly matched teams regarding results and performance. For example, a punter could place a double chance wager on a game between Arsenal and Westham. While the gunners are the clear favorites, the hammers have a better H2H home performance against their London rivals.

5. Insurance For Wagers On Cup Finals

Double chance wagers are for the Cup and tournament finals, where it can be hard to predict the tournament winners. In games such as the quarters or semis, punters can utilize double chance wagers to hedge against frequent draws in main tournaments and finals.

6. Alternative Wagers

Punters can make other types of wagers depending on the betting situation instead of double chance. If a punter is sure of an outcome, then a punter doesn’t need to back two effects out of 3. A punter can make a wager on 1 out of 2 results or 1 out of 3 outcomes, with the latter paying a higher reward since the last is harder to predict.



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