Best Betting Strategy To Minimizes the Risk

The Best Betting Strategy That Minimizes the Risk
Written by, Jacob Cook Thu 26 Nov
The Best Betting Strategy That Minimizes the Risk
The Best Betting Strategy That Minimizes the Risk

Best Betting Strategy To Minimizes the Risk

Low-risk bets are very popular with bettors, especially among beginners. This type of betting allows us to reduce the risk that our money runs. However, the possible gains are also small. To try to win in sports betting taking the least possible risk, it is necessary to bet on low odds, between 1.00 and 1.50. That is, you must bet on favorites since they have the highest occurring probability.

Next, we will see the general tips to apply this betting strategy:

  1. Choose low-odds forecasts which you are very sure of: when possible, you should select odds that do not exceed the value of 1.50. The lower the odds, the lower the risk. Thus, the probability that the chosen event will occur will be close to 100%
  2. Betting on sports or markets with only 2 possible results: this will increase your success chances. In this sense, sports like basketball, baseball, or tennis will be better options than soccer.
  3. Combine bets at low odds: to obtain a final odd that represents greater profitability, we must combine the low-odds bets that we have selected. Although this carries a higher failing probability, using low odds will compensate for this risk.

The expected earnings you can perceive by applying this betting strategy will be small. Therefore, only in the long term could they be significant. In this sense, if you want to make higher profits, you could accept a slightly higher level of risk. In this case, you could apply the betting strategy we show you below. This will be useful if you do not want to combine bets and if you are looking for slightly higher odds.

This betting strategy consists in betting regularly and systematically on odds equal to or a little lower than 1.80. Why is the odd of 1.80 used? This odd has an implicit probability of 55%. That is, the events we bet on that have this odd will occur 55% of the time. This means that, in the long term and according to statistics, you will win more than half of your bets. Besides, the method implies betting only the amount won, excluding the amount wagered. Let's see an example. Let's assume we have a budget of $ 160, and we bet twice a week at a $ 20 rate on each bet. We would place 8 bets a month in total.

  • Bet 1: $ 20 x 1.80 = $ 36 WON (we will reserve the bet amount of $ 20)
  • Bet 2: $ 16 x 1.80 = $ 28.80 WON
  • Bet 3: $ 28.80 x 1.80 = $ 51.84 WON

And it continues like this until the desired profits are achieved. In case of losing in any bet, the initial $ 20 is invested again, and the sequence is resumed. This strategy's main advantages are its simplicity and the low risk it has. By betting on low odds, the probability of going into long negative streaks is very small. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage that you must apply it consistently over a long time to see the profits.

Winning for sure, regardless of which sports or markets we bet on, is the bettor's dream. As we have seen, this is possible. However, it requires perseverance in executing the betting strategy and patience to wait for the benefits.

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