2022 Five Proven Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting

2022 Proven Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting
Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 02 Sep
2022 Proven Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting
2022 Proven Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting

2022 Five Proven Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting

Handicap wagers have grown in immense popularity across different sporting events and competitions from across the globe. Punters have access to several types of handicap wagers, such as 2-way handicap wagers, Asian handicap wagers, mixed handicap wagers, 3-way handicap betting wagers, and other kinds of handicap wagers.

What Is 3-Way Handicap Betting?

A 3-way handicap is a bet on three potential outcomes in a betting event. For example, in a football or hockey game, the game can end in three possible results, i.e., draw, win, or loss. With three probable effects, a punter has a lower probability of winning the wager than a traditional 2-way handicap with two potential outcomes. The handicap version of the wager gives the more robust team a deficit or handicap, while the more substantial team gets an advantage in goals before the start of the game. For a punter or team to win a handicap wager, the team should score more goals than the handicap or advantage.

3-Way Handicap Betting Strategies

Some of the top 3-way betting strategies include making wagers on events with three different outcomes, not applicable on specific sporting events, and a lower probability of winning higher profits in the long run. They are similar to other types of handicap wagers.

1. Wagers On Events With Three Outcomes

One of the main features of a 3-way handicap wager is making a wager on one out of three outcomes. In most sporting events, punters can wager on win or loss outcomes, win, loss, and draw results. In the former, punters can make wagers on sporting events such as boxing matches, cricket, and tennis matches, while the latter includes sporting events such as football and hockey. Other sporting events such as horse racing have more than 3 participants with three or more outcomes depending on the type of race. Casino bets have two results: red-black on roulette or three effects such as win, loss, or draw in blackjack.

2. Not Applicable On Events With 2 Or 4 Or More Outcomes

Punters can’t make 3-way handicap wagers on betting events with less than three outcomes. For example, punters can’t make a 3-way handicap wager on any 50-50 chances on a roulette game because such betting markets have only two outcomes. Most 3-way handicap wagers apply to sporting events with football betting, including most types of handicap betting markets.

3. Lower Probability Of Winning

Since a punter has to guess between 3 potential outcomes, a punter has a lower probability of winning the same wager versus making a wager on two possible effects. While punters are less likely to win the bet, they stand to win a higher profit for accurately predicting a chance. For example, a punter can place a regular handicap wager on a win or loss in a game between England and Wales in the FIFA World Cup. Alternatively, a punter can place a win, draw, or loss 3-way handicap wager on the same game, which could be harder to predict.

4. The Potential For Higher Profits

A punter stands to make a higher profit by making 3-way handicap wagers versus making regular wagers, handicap wagers, or a 2-way wager. However, a higher gain isn’t always guaranteed when making a 3-way wager because it’s harder to predict three outcomes versus two outcomes. A punter should consider utilizing a 3-way bet when they’re relatively sure of a result, such as a team A winning or the game ending in a draw. However, a punter could alternatively make other types of wagers, such as an accumulator wager or a wager on a tournament outcome for a higher reward.

5. Dissimilar To Other Types Of Handicap Wagers

Most traditional handicap wagers include two outcomes since drawing results are out by decimals. 3-way handicap wagers differ from a standard handicap or Asian handicap wagers because the former uses whole numbers while the latter utilizes decimals such as half goals. A 1x2 wager and 2-way handicap wager is a bet on two outcomes instead of 3. Punters should always consider alternative betting markets depending on the type of sport and wager before placing a bet.




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