Unveiling The Power Of Live Betting: A Guide To Profitability

What Is Live Betting And How To Profit from It?
Written by, Kristel Gil Tue 04 Jul
What Is Live Betting And How To Profit from It?
What Is Live Betting And How To Profit from It?

Unveiling The Power Of Live Betting: A Guide To Profitability

About a decade ago or so, you could live bet only at the physical locations, casinos, and such. Now it’s much different as online betting is far more popular, and you can place live bets from your phone without much hassle.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting is betting during the game rather than pre-game. All of this sounds easy, but the catch is that bookmakers need help with odds in live games, as it all can happen so fast. There is no research and data on live betting, and odds have data. That means your two eyes and reaction time is far more valuable and can spot something that will happen before it happens. For example, you are watching a UFC match and see that player B just took a devastating blow and is struggling to keep his head up. The odds haven’t updated, but you know that he will lose. That is a straightforward scenario, but it can happen to every sport. Live betting also has all the same options to bet on and more for example, in basketball, who will score the next basketball or take the subsequent free throw? Playing live rather than a pre-game bet can be much more fun.

How To Profit From It?

You can profit from live betting in many ways, but we will cover three main ones. With these three, you have a foundation that you can use to start live betting and expand your knowledge as you go.

Line Shopping

Only a few algorithms do live in-play oddsmaking, meaning you have an advantage if you know how they work. To know them, play a lot or watch many odds changing and why they do that. Then, when you develop a feeling for it, you can sport arbitrage opportunities and find value bets. Some algorithms favor home teams, and away teams have much higher odds. That means that you can make some money if you see the away team will win.

Coaches’ Tendencies

It would help if you learned every playbook of every coach you follow, as that can impact the game you can catch and capitalize on. For example, Coach A is playing aggressively when down, and Coach B is going slowly when down, which can give you some pointers on what can happen next. It can bring you success if you learn it all. We recommend learning one by one and slowly expanding your knowledge.

End Of The Game

Magic happens at the end of the game. Unfortunately, the algorithms have difficulty evaluating the situations at the end game. Specifically, at the end of the game, a lot is happening. For example, buzzer beaters are semi-common in basketball, and the algorithm doesn’t see it that way. An example is basketball, if team A is down 20 points six minutes until the end and they manage to get to minus 3 points in the last 15 seconds, the odds still favor team B, but the tempo is on team A side.

Closing Thoughts

These are just our tips. We are not guaranteeing anything. Please research and bet only with money you can afford to lose. Live betting is unpredictable, just like every other kind of betting.


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