Betting On a Draw

Everything You Need To Know Betting On a Draw
Written by, Kristel Gil Wed 02 Nov
Everything You Need To Know Betting On a Draw
Everything You Need To Know Betting On a Draw

Betting On a Draw

Punters have access to several types of betting markets and wagers when making online football wagers. From Asian handicap wagers to draw no-bet chances, punters have several betting options and opportunities to make a profitable wager. One of the key trends observed in football is the increase in the number of bets on draw results in certain leagues such as the Premier League. Punters generally expect a higher payout when making a wager on a draw result, and the high frequency of draws resulted in the popularity of betting on draw results.

What Is Betting On a Draw?

A football game can end in three possible outcomes: either a team wins, loses, or draws the match. Other sports, such as basketball, usually have two possible effects, a win or a loss and withdrawal much less frequent. However, the frequency of draw results is much higher in football than in most other sports such as cricket, basketball, or tennis. A higher or lower frequency of draw results presents punters with the opportunity of making different types of football wagers. For example, punters can make a wager on a draw, eliminate draws through handicap wagers, or insure against possible draw results.

Why Is Betting On Draws Important?

Statistics and metrics usually determine how a punter allocates their funds in the most optimal and least risky way. If the frequency of draw results is higher, punters can profit by making a betting on a draw result or including a draw result in the bet for a higher payout. Alternatively, if the frequency of draw results is lower for a league or team, a punter can still include draw results as part of the overall wager without betting on it for a higher payout. Only when the frequency of draws of both teams is inconsistent or unpredictable, do punters generally opt to eliminate draw results from football wagers. For example, since 1992, over 25% of all results in the English Premier League end in draw results. That’s 1 in every four games that end in a draw, and the frequency of attractions is higher for mid and lower-table teams.

Features Of Betting On Draw

Some critical features of betting on draw results include eliminating draw results, betting on draw results, utilizing overall league standings in draw wagers, a high frequency of draw results in cup finals and semi-finals, and increased risk and high reward strategy.

Eliminate Draws

Punters can utilize Asian handicap wagers to eliminate draw results. Handicap wagers utilize fractions and decimals for goals that can eliminate draw results. Alternatively, punters can use European handicap wagers to include draw results as part of their handicap wager. Draw no-bets are also a betting market that eliminates draws, and a punter can expect refunded funds in the event of a draw result.

Bet On Draws

If nothing happens in a football game or neither team scores, the game ends in a draw. The team’s score is similar to a bet on a tie. However, it’s a wager on a specific scoreline (i.e., a 0-0 scoreline). However, punters must consider the most optimum league and game to make a wager on a draw result. For example, punters can make wagers on partnerships with more or fewer draws and frame their betting strategies accordingly.  

League Draws

Punters can make wagers on teams with the most draw results at the end of a season or several games. For example, mid-table teams in the English Premier League may end the season with 20 draws out of a possible 38 games (19 home and 19 away games).  

Cup Finals

The frequency of draw results is higher in Cup and tournament finals because of the type and nature of the game. While some finals may produce an increased number of goals by one team, games with high stakes mean players tend to play a more conservative style of football.

High Risk And High Reward Strategy

Making a betting on a draw result is a high-risk and high-reward strategy that incentivizes a punter with the potential of a higher profit for undertaking a higher risk.  


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