Effective Betting Strategies For Handicap Betting

Most Effective Betting Strategies For Handicap Betting
Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 11 Oct
Most Effective Betting Strategies For Handicap Betting
Most Effective Betting Strategies For Handicap Betting

Effective Betting Strategies For Handicap Betting

Handicap wagers are wagers when changes are made to teams' scores to create a specific type of betting market. In handicap wagers, one group has a handicap or a reduction in the number of goals (usually the stronger team), or the other team an advantage or an increase in the number of goals (usually the weaker team). Bookies and providers generate more interest and higher wagers in handicap betting markets versus other betting markets. Consider a team in the first place of the Premier League that plays against a team in one of the last three spots. 99% of the time, the team should beat the group fighting for relegation. However, handicap wagers make games more exciting and closer than they are by giving the weaker team a few goals head-start before the start of a game.

Strategies For Handicap Betting

Some of the most effective strategies for handicap betting are as follows:

Types Of Handicap

Punters have access to several different types of handicap betting markets. The most popular handicap betting markets include mixed handicap wagers (wager on two or more sports), Asian handicap wagers (eliminate draws), and regular handicap wagers (wager on three outcomes). Punters must consider the situations and conditions that determine using different handicap wagers. For example, punters must be adept in more than two betting markets in at least two or more different sports to participate in the mixed handicap betting market.

2 Or 3 Outcomes

Handicap wagers allow punters to bet on 2 or 3 outcomes depending on the type of handicap betting market. For example, in Asian handicap betting markets, punters make wagers on two results because of the odds' prices in decimals, such as 1.5 or 2.5 goals. In European handicap or three-way handicap, punters make a wager on one out of 3 outcomes since the goals are in whole numbers such as 1, 4, or 5. Making a wager on three results is harder to predict, but a punter has an adequate compensation with a higher payout than traditional Asian handicap wagers.

Wagers On Unequally Matched Teams

Handicap wagers are bets placed on unequally matched teams with a stronger opponent playing a weaker opponent. The weaker opponent has an advantage while the stronger opponent is given a handicap to even the playing field. If a team in the first position is playing against a team in the last part, then the handicap between the groups will be higher than if two other teams play against each other.

Use Asian Handicap To Eliminate Draws

Since Asian handicap wagers are essentially wagering on two outcomes, punters can use Asian handicaps to eliminate draw results from bets. Punters can use Asian handicap wagers when the teams have a definite possibility to end the game in a draw and stop the different outcome. One of the most significant differences between Asian handicaps and European handicaps is the total number of results a punter has to make a wager from.

Use European Handicap To Make a Higher Profit

Alternatively, if a punter is sure of an outcome, they can make a wager on 1 out of 3 and stand to win a higher potential profit. Making a wager on one out of three results, including win, draw, and loss, means a punter has a lesser probability of winning a higher profit than a similar Asian handicap wager.

Value Handicaps

Value handicap wagers are bets that are underpriced relative to their actual value. For example, a punter has the option of making a handicap wager on a game in Serie A with two different betting providers. The first provider gives a punter better odds, while the second provides a punter with worse odds, which means a lower profit. From purely a value handicap situation, a punter should select a wager with a higher potential for profit and lower risk.


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