Soccer Betting on The Half-time and Full-time Market

Half-time and Full-time Market In Soccer Betting
Written by, Jacob Cook Thu 16 Aug
Half-time and Full-time Market In Soccer Betting
Half-time and Full-time Market In Soccer Betting

Soccer Betting on The Half-time and Full-time Market

One of the traditional early soccer betting markets was the half time/full time betting market. This market is not used as much now due to the invention of a lot of new markets, although betting on this market can still be very profitable. Many long-time gamblers will have used this market a lot in the past, although some new players will probably have never used it before.

Long Odds-on Favorites Soccer Betting Method

The most common way to use this market is to back long odds-on favorites to be winning their game at halftime and full time. This method will increase the odds of them winning, but obviously, instead of just winning the game at full-time, they also need to be winning at halftime. This factor is an additional element to the bet that requires considering, although if you are backing a team at long odds-on, you will assume that they would be leading before halftime.

The odds here can increase dramatically, and a team who is 1/3 to win a game outright will be around evens to win the game in the half-time/full-time market. If you are placing an accumulator, you will see much bigger, better returns, or you can also choose fewer teams for your bet. Either way, the choice is really yours to take the risk.

The other common use of this market is for those who like to back a draw. If you are backing a draw, then the easiest way for this to win is the draw being a draw for the whole duration of the game. This would mean that the game would be a great at the halftime and at full time. If you back a draw in the half-time/full-time market you will often see the price enhanced from between 2/1 and 3/1 up to between 4/1 and 6/1, a massive increase.

If you are looking to back the draw on games as either singles or small multiples, then using the half-time/full-time market will increase your returns. This way is certainly a market worth looking at for draws, especially if you believe the game will be low scoring. In a low scoring game, you are hoping the game remains a 0-0 draw throughout, which would mean a winner on the half-time/full-time market.

The half-time/full-time market is one that has been overtaken by many newly created markets. However, it is still a great place to have a bet and offers excellent odds that you can take advantage of. If you have never used this market before, take a look at it and compare the odds to see what type of returns you will have on your bet. Whether you like to back long odds-onn favorites, or value singles on the draw, you will certainly find something for you to try out and hopefully land a winner or two.

After many years of use, let’s hope the half-time/full-time market is here to stay.

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