Unlocking 3 Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2024

Three Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2024
Written by, Kristel Gil Mon 06 May
Three Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2024
Three Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2024

Unlocking 3 Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2024

Total goals betting strategies are tactics for any punter to use the total goals market effectively. Total goals is a novel betting market that is a stable of many soccer punters in 2024, especially for those who would instead try a more straightforward prediction than outright winner or 1X2. It’s not always easy to decide who wins specific matches, and having options in terms of other different predictions that one can make is always a boon. Below are a few strategies to ensure any punter can profit maximally from using the Total Goals Betting Strategies in 2024.

Prefer Over/Under

Sportsbooks interpret the Total Goals market in two ways, although some bookmakers allow both options. The two options are:

  • Total Goals Over/Under: It means predicting whether the total goals scored in a match - by both the away and home teams - is over or under a particular line. For instance, a punter may choose to forecast that the total goals will be less or more than three goals. In this case, the three-goal is the Over/Under line.

  • Exact Total Goals: This means predicting the total goals scored in a match - by both the home and away teams. For instance, the punter should expect whether the total goals scored will be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Logical reasoning shows that it’s easier to predict goals over/under a line than to forecast a specific total. Plans over/under allow the flexibility of predicting a range. For instance, indicating that a match will have under three goals means that the bet is successful if the score is 0 - 2 goals. On the other hand, predicting an exact total of 3 goals implies that only that specific outcome would lead to success, which is risky because it’s hard to predict. Therefore, Total Goals Over/Under should appeal greatly to the risk-averse punter who, for the most part, is the most successful type of punter there is.

Use Live/In-play Betting

There are two ways of placing sports bets:

  • Pre-Match: placing bets before a sporting event starts.

  • Live Betting: placing bets while a sporting event is ongoing, also called in-play betting.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pre-match betting, and it remains the most popular mode of sports betting. However, in-play betting offers distinct advantages in that the punter has the chance to read the flow of the game and use info/statistics that are more current when making predictions.

In terms of Total Goals betting, a keen punter can decipher, based on game patterns, how many goals are to be scored, if any. If teams start too conservatively or tactically, such a punter may decide to predict lower Total Goals. The reverse is true when the groups are showing solid attacking intent.

Use GPG Statistics

GPG stands for Goals per Game, a statistic - along with others like Expected Goals (xG) and Points per Game (PPG) - that is used by (sharp) punters and bookmakers alike when making betting decisions. GPG is especially relevant when making betting decisions like Exact Total Goals and Goals Over/Under. It is evident because the punter’s mandate is to predict the goals scored in a match. GPG means the average number of goals a team has scored per game in recent history - usually the most previous 5-10 games. Calculate by dividing the total number of goals in that period by the number of games played. GPG produces such metrics as 2 or 1.5 goals per game. This info can improve the punter’s success rates when making Total Goals predictions. High Total Goals have predictions in matches where teams have high GPG, while it is wiser to make more conservative selections for groups with lower GPG.


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