José Mourinho Mission To Resurrect AS Roma

José Mourinho Has a Mission: To Resurrect AS Roma
Written by, Oscar Holt Fri 19 Aug
José Mourinho Has a Mission: To Resurrect AS Roma
José Mourinho Has a Mission: To Resurrect AS Roma

José Mourinho Mission To Resurrect AS Roma

José Mourinho is a controversial man. He talks a lot, and he is a man who likes to see his name in the media. We all know that. But, he is also a man who likes to win, win a lot. Above all, José Mourinho is one of the best football coaches in the world. It has been a long time since he has not been at the center of media attention. However, since last season he has assumed the reins of Associazione Sportiva Roma (AS Roma), one of the most important and traditional teams in the Italian Serie A. But, this club has lost the winning compass and now hopes that Mou will take them back to the path of past glories.

Certainly, it is not an easy task... even for Mourinho.

But, the 2021-22 season served Mourinho not only to try to organize a game system that guarantees order and stability to Roma. He even obtained an unexpected achievement: the team won the UEFA Conference League, defeating Feyenoord. Nobody expected Roma to achieve a European title. Indeed, by doing so, Mourinho's hopes were raised, and now the expectations for the 2022-23 season are enormous. Yet, before talking about the future, let's look at what AS Roma did in Serie A last season.

Mourinho Arrived At AS Roma

Mourinho arrived at AS Roma in the middle of a gray panorama. The best position the team had obtained in the last three seasons was in fifth place in Serie A. And there were no titles in the European cups. Although many fans of the team expected some miracle from Mourinho (who managed to win the Conference League), Roma finished only sixth in Serie A. But, to honor the truth, it was the best the club could achieve with the squad of players they had. It was an irregular season, but there was good news. One of them was the performance of English attacker Tammy Abraham, who was the fourth-best scorer in league with 17 goals. Besides, it is expected that he continues with the team. Abraham, 24 years old, is a tall, strong player who fully complied with everything Mou ordered him. He showed his maturity, proving he is a player from whom fans can expect many good things. After seeing what the team could do and its shortcomings and needs, Mourinho is preparing to face not only Serie A but to look for a good chance in the Europa League. So, he hasn't wasted any time.

Mourinho is known for always trying to bring together players with whom he has had good experiences in other teams. An example of this is the signing of Serbian midfielder Nemanja Matic, whom Mou previously managed at Chelsea and Manchester United in the Premier League. This player has always been a trusted man by the Portuguese coach. The team is still looking for the best players they can reach out to on the transfer market. Moreover, there is already talk of the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo also returning to Mourinho's tutelage, and this fact would be quite an event to watch. Mourinho already achieved the first miracle last season: AS Roma winning a European Cup. But the list of miracles is just beginning.

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