How Do Sportsbooks Make Their Betting Odds

Understand How Do Sportsbooks Make Their Betting Odds
Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 27 Dec
Understand How Do Sportsbooks Make Their Betting Odds
Understand How Do Sportsbooks Make Their Betting Odds

How Do Sportsbooks Make Their Betting Odds

It doesn’t take long for even new bettors to figure out that they can enhance their winning potential if they understand how sportsbooks make the betting odds that they have to play by. However, peeking behind the curtain isn’t so easy as how each bookie sets their odds is a closely guarded secret. But with this, some credible intel has made its way to the public. Here’s everything you should know about the betting odds making process that sports bookmakers follow today!

How Does a Sportsbook Set Their Betting Odds?

A sportsbook sets its betting odds primarily by considering numerous elements. These include but aren’t strictly limited to factors like;

  • Injuries on both sides,
  • The form of the players,
  • Home field advantage,
  • Head-to-Head stats,
  • The match schedule for each team, and
  • Off-pitch factors like the goings-on in the personal life of critical players

The ultimate aim of this is to ensure that the action balances the bookie offers on all ends. All of these variables can be challenging to account for properly. So, more and more bookies have been using advanced computer algorithms to iron out these specifics. But even with these measures, it is still tough to set odds as they should be. As such, some sportsbooks resort to one or more of the following practices:

Watching The Pattern Of Other Sportsbooks

It is something that’s relatively more common with newer sportsbooks. As they realize they mightn’t have access to all the information and resources that their older counterparts do, they may consider positioning their odds in the same manner as these sportsbooks.

Enlisting The Aid Of Mathematicians And Statisticians

More than a few sportsbooks have taken to enlisting the aid of high-profile statisticians and mathematicians to assist them with the oddsmaking process. The aim is to have these learned individuals either vet their calculations or complement their math work by introducing new and helpful elements.

Employing High-End Third Party Oddsmaking Consultancy Firms

In the past, the convention was to keep the oddsmaking process strictly in-house. However, as the sports betting industry continues to grow, the logistics these bookies must attend to keep up with the times also increase. To adequately compensate for this, it’s common practice for bookies to hire professional oddsmaking agencies to cater to this aspect of their operation. The firms in question use sophisticated computations to analyze various scenarios to determine the ideal odds for each match.


There’s no doubt that sportsbooks follow a complicated process before establishing the odds for every game. And, with the current path that the sports industry is on, that process will likely get even more complicated. To ensure you stay ahead of the pack, you must have the right resources.


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