Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odd Betting

Most Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odd Betting
Written by, Oscar Holt Tue 25 Oct
Most Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odd Betting
Most Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odd Betting

Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odd Betting

Punters can access several betting strategies, including mathematics, statistics, analytics, and data. The odds for any wager are in a format accessible for punters to understand. For example, casino wagers, football bets, Esports wagers, tennis wagers, slot game wagers, and other types of wagers all utilize different odds.

What Is Fixed Odd Betting?

Fixed odds betting is wagering on betting markets where the odds of specific wagers are fixed or don't change over time. Punters make wagers based on the circumstances, betting situation, and teams' scores, which results in bookies changing their odds every second of play. The such odds are in-game or variable odds and work opposite to how fixed odds betting works.

Fixed Odds Versus Variable Odds

Some of the features, advantages, and differences between fixed odds and variable odds include:

Fixed Odds

  • Also known as pre-game odds.
  • Odds remain the same before and during the game.
  • The payout does not change.
  • Risk remains constant.
  • Accurate depiction of odds before the start of a game.

Variable Odds

  • Also known as in-game odds and fluctuating odds.   
  • Odds change before and during the game.
  • Payout could potentially change.
  • Risk changes on the events of the sport.
  • Generally accurate depiction of odds before the start and during the game.

Effective Betting Strategies For Fixed Odds Betting

Some of the effective betting strategies for fixed odd betting are the following:

Quick Odd Conversions

Bookies utilize different odds listing systems, including fractional, decimal, or money line odds. A punter should be able to convert a fraction to decimal or money line efficiently and vice-versa to understand the risk better and return on different types of wagers. A decimal of 1.33 is the same as ⅓, which is also the same as a money line of -300. The potential return (profit) on such a wager is 33.33%.

Potential For Bookies To Lose

With fixed odd formats, punters have the advantage of spotting and making arbitrage wagers against a sportsbook. Essentially, a punter can bet against the odds listed by a particular bookie or make an arbitrage wager since the events of games can potentially change over time. Since bookies themselves can't predict every bet accurately, they try to manage their level of exposure as much as possible. In some cases, they may misprice wagers.

Easy To Calculate And Compare

Fixed odds are easy to calculate and compare for punters evaluating different betting options. The odds constantly change with variable odds, and a punter needs to utilize efficient betting software to capitalize on seconds. On the other hand, fixed odds don't change and are more accessible for punters to reference or compare other odds by different providers or betting markets with the same provider. Using simple software such as Excel or Google Sheets can help a punter list and compare different odds listed by various providers from across the globe. Alternatively, punters can utilize odds comparison platforms to find the next value fixed odds wager.

Laying Wagers

Laying bets is an effective fixed odds betting strategy since punters can compare making versus laying odds with different providers. The difference in odds is the potential for an arbitrage wager or a wager in which a punter makes a guaranteed profit with no risk. However, the upside to the payoff is a limited payout. However, laying a bet includes making a risky wager because if a punter loses the chance, they lose the entire amount staked, and if they win the wager, they only win a minuscule profit.

Making Wagers Across Different Sports

Punters can place fixed odds wagers on sporting events such as football, hockey, basketball, motorsports, swimming, golf, baseball, college football, rugby, cricket, and other sporting events. While variable odds are more popular than fixed odds for sporting events, punters can still make fixed odds wagers on hundreds of sporting events with different bookies.  


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