2022 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting

Proven 2022 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting
Written by, Kristel Gil Thu 15 Sep
Proven 2022 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting
Proven 2022 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting

2022 Mathematical Strategies For Soccer Betting

Strategies are repeatable under the right (or similar) circumstances. A punter can remain highly profitable if the punter can repeat a system under the same circumstances each time they come up. Mathematical strategies are betting strategies with a foundation in math or stats, making such methods more reliable. However, even mathematical approaches are not always 100% certain but can give punters a high degree of certainty when making a soccer bet. With the advent of faster processing power in computers, more punters switched towards making mathematical soccer betting strategies across the globe.

What Are Mathematics Strategies In Soccer Betting?

Mathematical strategies in soccer betting are strategies football punters use to quantify repeatable results and performances from past or previous wagers. With a mathematical base, a punter can quantify to the extent the probability of an event occurring. For example, no punter can be 100% certain about any result before the start of a football game. However, establishing a level of certainty such as a 69-80% probability of an outcome occurring gives a punter a mathematical base when making wagers.

Ideally, mathematical betting strategies have an element of numerical and statistics that support them. Past results and historical statistics show that punters can frame winning soccer betting strategies. Without a mathematical foundation, it’s difficult for a punter to ascertain the reason for making or winning a wager. A punter may not be able to repeat the process consistently.

For example, making a wager on Man City to score more than two goals in their away games against the bottom ten teams because the team has done so in the past 30 games is a soccer betting strategy with mathematical or statistical foundations. While City may not consistently score more than two goals in all their games, they have a higher probability of achieving at least two plans based on past results.  

Proven Mathematics For Soccer Betting

A few proven mathematical strategies for soccer wagers that have gained immense popularity in 2022 are the following:

1. Betting On The Home Team

Punters know that teams playing at home generally have an advantage. It isn’t easy to quantify playing on a standard pitch or the home fans cheering/booing at the appropriate moments. However, punters can always quantify all past and past results at home against the same team. For all EPL games for the past 20 years, the home team wins more than 33%, while the other team wins less than 30% of the time. Statistically, betting on the home team makes sense because math supports it. Alternatively, punters can consider making wagers on teams to win on away matches because several punters make more wagers on home performance versus away performances.

2. Fewer Wagers On Tournament Finals

Punters make fewer wagers on tournament finals because the results for finals could end in a win, draw, or loss. More often than not, past results may not impact the results of a tournament or Cup finals because teams tend to perform more conservatively in finals. In a league, teams play several games throughout a season, indicating the average performance of a team over a year.

3. Using Statistical Software

Punters can access several tools and software to make the most of mathematical strategies when making soccer wagers. For example, punters can download and utilize software such as python (which requires some learning) and Rstudio to make statistical analyses such as significance levels, standard deviation, and mean goal rate.

4. Analyzing Leagues

Consider football in England, home to the most popular football league in the world. Everyone knows the top-tier of football, the Premier League. However, several other Leagues make up other Leagues below the PL. The Championship, League 1, League 2, and so on contribute significantly to the betting markets after the PL. Punters can access hundreds of leagues within each sport and analyze the best leagues or specific trends emerging from different clubs using mathematical betting strategies.



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