X/1 Betting Market In Football Betting

What It Means The X/1 Betting Market In Football Betting?
Written by, Jacob Cook Sat 10 Oct
What It Means The X/1 Betting Market In Football Betting?
What It Means The X/1 Betting Market In Football Betting?

X/1 Betting Market In Football Betting

Bettors have a wide variety of football betting markets available. Usually, many of them only place their wagers on the classic 1X2 market. However, there are many other exciting options. Among them, we can mention the half-time/full-time bets. Football is a sport where every match is divided into two parts. This feature has given place to the half-time/full-time bets.

The X/1 betting market is one option we can find to bet on half-time and full-time results. It works like a combined bet since you must hit both halves' outcomes to win. To explain better this type of bet, it worth to remind what the symbols 1, X, and 2 mean regarding half-time/full-time soccer bets. So, the number 1 refers to the local team victory, the letter X refers to the draw, and the number 2 means the visitor team's success. In this sense, when the first half of a soccer match ends in a draw, and the local team wins the second half, we can say that the result X/1 has occurred. We can have up to 9 different types of half time/full time football betting options: 1/1, 1/X, 1/2, X/1, X/X, X/2, 2/1, 2/X, and 2/2. This bet involves more risk than football betting solely on the winner of the match. But, through a good analysis, we can estimate with enough precision the occurring probability of this betting market.

How To Use The X/1 Market When Betting On Football

To have a greater probability of success when betting, it is essential to detect games in which the teams involved meet certain conditions. In this sense, a bet on the X / 1 market can occur if the team that plays at home is, according to the odds, slightly superior to the visitor. In this case, it is very likely that there will be a draw at the end of the first half and that the home-team ends up winning at the end of the match.

We can also expect this to happen in even matches where the home team is strong at home. This market is attractive to bettors since it offers high odds than those we usually find in the 1X2 market. To be profitable by placing X / 1 bets, it is convenient to look for matches in which the favorite team plays at home and whose odd be around 1.50. Once you find a match with these characteristics, you will place two wagers. In one of them, you will bet on the X/1 market, and in the other, you will make a 1/1 bet.

On the other hand, you will bet that the match's first half will end in a draw and that in the second half will be a local team win. On the other hand, you will bet on the home team victory in both match's halves. By applying this procedure and hitting both bets, you can obtain excellent earnings. Even if you place a third single bet and lose this latter, you still can be profitable.

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