Optimizing Profits: The Ultimate Soccer Bets And Odds Guide

Maximizing Your Returns With The Best Soccer Bets And Odds
Written by, Kristel Gil Wed 16 Aug
Maximizing Your Returns With The Best Soccer Bets And Odds
Maximizing Your Returns With The Best Soccer Bets And Odds

Optimizing Profits: The Ultimate Soccer Bets And Odds Guide

So, you started sports betting and have okay results; you may have a 50/60% win rate and want to know how to maximize your profit. Don’t worry. This article will give you tips and tricks on making as much money as you are on a winning streak.

Get The Best Odds

It should be part of your research, finding the best odds. Comparing odds is one of those things that only a few players do, and because of that, they leave money on the table after every win. For example, Bookmaker A has team A win at 1.50 odds. Meanwhile, bookmaker B has team A win at 1.72 odds, which means that you got 0.22 basically for free. But people often stick to one bookmaker and don’t care about those differences. But remember that those minor differences quickly add up, and if you have a big winning ratio, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Change Bookmakers Often

There is no good reason you should be loyal to one bookmaker, mainly because they make money when you lose money. Aside from their business model, there are great benefits when changing bookmakers. One of those benefits is comparing odds, as we mentioned above. Frequent change in bookmakers allows you to take advantage of their promos and free bets, which you can then use for matched betting, a strategy that guarantees you profits. Matched betting is when you bet with house money, so you practically can’t ever lose. And with many online betting sites, we are sure you can bet with house money a lot.

Know What You Bet On

It may be one of the most important things here, as rookie bettors make a common mistake, and that is betting on whatever after a winning streak. We understand that you feel invincible after two or three bets hit, and you think you are the next biggest thing in betting but calm down. You must only bet on sports where you know the rules and understand how it’s played. Also, you must understand what you are betting on regarding betting type. For example, if you don’t know how handicaps work but like the odds, it’s better to skip placing a bet than watching a game not knowing what you see.

Manage Bankroll

Two things will happen if you implement managing bankroll into your betting strategy. First, you will win more; second; you will build up your discipline and eliminate emotional betting. That sure sounds sweet. Well, let’s get into what is bankroll and how you manage it. Managing bankroll insists on playing every bet with a small percentage of your entire bankroll, usually from 1% to 3% and no more than 5% per bet.

So you have a monthly budget of $500 and want to stretch it out for a whole month, and you play bets for 2% of your budget. If you lose more often, you can recalibrate and play for 1% same goes for winning; if you are winning, you can up it to 5%.

Closing Thoughts

One of the biggest things we didn’t address in this article is emotional betting, which can disappear all profits. So, remember to bet without emotions and money you can afford to lose.

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