World Top 5 Smartest Footballers Of All Time

World Top Five Smartest Footballers Of All Time
Written by, Oscar Holt Wed 10 Oct
World Top Five Smartest Footballers Of All Time
World Top Five Smartest Footballers Of All Time

World Top 5 Smartest Footballers Of All Time

Being a footballer and smart at the same time don’t usually go together. However, there are lots of examples of smart football players on and off the pitch.

Despite having the opportunity to work and earn what many of us can only dream off, many players could have excellent jobs if they hadn’t become footballers. Here are top 5 smartest footballers of all time.

5. Glen Johnson

The Stoke Fullback, also a former Liverpool player, has a mathematics degree, and he managed to do it while playing professional football. Who would have thought that Glen is math guy?
However, the story behind his degree is pretty impressive by itself. While at school, his mats teacher told him that he would do for nothing, so Glen got it as a challenge and decided that he would pursue a mathematics degree, as a payback to his teacher who was his motivation throughout the whole process.

4. Juan Mata

The Spaniard is known for his skills and controlling the midfield but only a few know that he has a degree in Journalism and as this isn’t enough, he is currently undertaking studies to become major in Marketing and Sports Science in Manchester.
His intelligence and inventiveness cannot be fully seen on the pitch, but for those who know Mata outside of it, he certainly ticks the box for being one of the smartest footballers of all time.

3. Dennis Berkgamp

Being smart is undoubtedly his biggest strength when it comes to Dennis Berkgamp. As a footballer, The Flying Dutchman was well known for his innovative tricks and skills but did you know that Bergkamp earned a degree in mechanical engineering while playing for Arsenal?
Maybe he used the time off from away matches due to his fear of flying with planes, however, getting a degree in mechanical engineering is pretty impressive, even for someone outside of football.

2. Socrates

He earned his nickname due to his above average intelligence and as good as he was on the pitch, he was even better off of it. Socrates earned a high degree in medical science, and he would have certainly been a great doctor if it wasn’t for football. Doctor Socrates however, leaded a very unhealthy life.
His drinking, smoking, and gambling habits were opposite to what professional footballer should do. Despite these things, he will remain as one of the smartest football player to ever been involved in football.

1.Frank Lampard

Chelsea legendary midfielder is by far the most intelligent football players of all time. During one of the tests for IQ at Chelsea, Lampard scored jaw-dropping IQ of 150 which makes him one of the 0.01 % people in the world with such an impressive score.
This is only ten less than Albert Einstein or 12 less than Steven Hawking who is considered as the greatest minds ever to walk our planet.
This little known, interesting fact, assuredly make Lamps on the highest spot of the smartest football player of all times

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