eSports Betting & Sports Betting

Betting on eSports vs Betting On Sports
Written by, Jacob Cook Mon 03 Aug
Betting on eSports vs Betting On Sports
Betting on eSports vs Betting On Sports

eSports Betting & Sports Betting

The popularity of eSports has grown in recent years, and the appearance of new followers, in turn, has generated the surge of a new type of punters. As in any gambling game, before betting, it is necessary to know the activity in which you are going to risk your money. In this sense, although the basic concepts of betting are the same no matter what you bet on, there are some differences between betting on eSports and betting on "traditional" sports. Here we will talk about the similarities and differences between these two types of bets.

Betting on traditional sports and betting on eSports

The online betting world has seen the surge of a new category. This is eSports betting, which has grown fast over the last years. Making a bet on eSports is simple. It is the same as standard online sports betting. You can browse through the betting options and look at the games, tournaments, and odds offered by the bookmakers. In traditional sports, punters need to pay attention to a few changes. The changes introduced in these sports' rules are not usually drastic. Besides, these changes are not frequent.

In eSports, the game, as well as its characters and maps, are exposed to frequent updates. Thus, it is challenging to bet on eSports because the performance of some players or teams could change pretty much after an update. This makes previous data or knowledge almost superfluous. On the other hand, in traditional sports betting, it is quite easy to assess the skill of a particular player. As a drawback, in eSports is hard to estimate how an update will affect players or teams. In addition to changes in the operation of the games, changes in their characters are also frequent. These updates will influence player performance when they use these characters.

Just as game features change more often in eSports compared to traditional sports, so do team members. Many sports have transfer periods and transfer markets where teams can buy or sell players that do not exist in eSports since players who have a contract with one team can go to another at any time.

Other factors to take into account to bet on eSports

Instead of betting on all available games, the best eSports bettors usually focus on a specific game and a specific type of bet. Likewise, the success of a team in eSports is not based solely on individual talent. The best players in the world can make a big difference, but teamwork is an essential element in competitions. Therefore, knowledge of both the team's composition and the best players' movements, are important when betting on eSports.

In both eSports and sports betting, it is essential to have information that most bettors do not have. It is also critical to act based on that information before the bookmaker adjusts its odds. In this sense, something that differentiates eSports is the ability of punters to obtain that information through social networks. The information that circulates in real-time through these networks allows the punters to have a privileged position to know as much as the bookmakers.

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