Points Per Game Statistics

Points Per Game Statistics In Football Betting Explained
Written by, Oscar Holt Thu 21 Jan
Points Per Game Statistics In Football Betting Explained
Points Per Game Statistics In Football Betting Explained

Points Per Game Statistics

Assessing the probability of a team's victory correctly will lead us to find value and being profitable. In this sense, soccer bettors can use a wide variety of stats to evaluate a team's quality. Betting on the number of goals or corners is an example of very used markets by punters. But, a specific stat can show us clearly how good or bad is a team if we use it properly. This is the points per game statistics. Every soccer team disputes its matches to achieve and accumulate points that carry them to win tournaments. Thus, while the more points a team can reach in every game it takes part in, the more dominant it will be in its league. Then, let's review some details you should have in mind about this simple stat.


What Are The Points Per Game Statistic?

Since the ending of 1994, and due to FIFA guidelines, every professional soccer league worldwide assigns 3 points to every team that gets a victory. In a draw, each team gets one point, and the defeated team doesn't obtain points. Usually, the stat "points per game" is abbreviated as PPG. This is the outcome of dividing the total amount of points reached by one team during a season by the number of matches it has played, resulting in the average points this team can get in each encounter. This stat may look very simple. But, it really can tell us how dominant or weak a team is inside a determined competition.


What Varieties Of Points Per Game Statstistic You Should Assess Before Betting

You can find this stat in several ways. Each one can give you useful information to evaluate your bets.

  • Points per game as local: the average of points per match a team reached during a period playing at home. You divide the total points achieved as local by the number of matches played in this condition.
  • Points per game as a visitor: Like the previous but considering the matches played on the road. You divide the teams' points achieved as a visitor by the number of matches played out of the house.
  • Head-to-head's points per game: This is the average of points a team has achieved so far against a specific opponent. It may be calculated during a season or over wider historical data, giving you an idea of how much dominant or not a team is regarding another one.
  • Last X games' points-per-game: It refers to the average of points per match achieved over the most recent games disputed by a team. It gives you an idea about this team's recent form.

Besides giving guidance to bettors, the points per game statistics can be used for other purposes, in exceptional cases. Some major soccer leagues consider using this stat to define their final standings if their tournaments can't finish as expected. As we said before, as a punter, you must evaluate the quality of the teams you think to bet on. This way, you can make the best possible betting decisions. Stats can correctly guide you, and the points per game are one of them. Although using stats doesn't warrant that you always win, it will improve your success probabilities in the long term.

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