Real Money Fishing Games Beginner Guide

Real Money Fishing Games Beginner Guide - How To Play
Written by, Kristel Gil Fri 24 Sep
Real Money Fishing Games Beginner Guide - How To Play
Real Money Fishing Games Beginner Guide - How To Play

Real Money Fishing Games Beginner Guide

Fishing games are as exciting and straightforward as they sound. Whether on a laptop or phone, you can play online fishing games and win real money, anytime and anywhere. These games follow a simple premise of 'the more fish caught, the more you're likely to win.

Types Of Fishing Games

Each game varies in the way it's presented as well as a slight alteration in methodology too. Let's take a look at the various types of fishing games and how users can make the best use of every kind of game. Some of the types of fishing games are:

Alaskan Fishing

Alaskan Fishing is a type of online slot game created by Microgaming. The game features 243 pay lines alongside 5 reels. Online fishing games are usually quite appealing in terms of their aesthetics and style, and Alaskan Fishing is no less pleasing. Players are transported into the wild environment of Alaska with the cool visual effects as well as the soothing sounds that accompany it. To play this game, one must play it like they would a regular online slots game while bearing in mind that the wild symbol is what you're spinning for. The bonus of Alaskan Fishing is that players are usually subject to many free spins during the game. Thus, making sure that your luck in this classic slots game shouldn't run out anytime soon! 

Fish Party

Fish Party is an online slot game with similar pay lines and reels to spin as the Alaskan Fishing game. However, Fish Party but could be considered a step above classic reel slots in online games. This game has several colored fish that add money to your bank, but the main symbol players look out for in this game is the treasure chest. Players can establish their coin value before starting the game, and can even play for free in a trial run, before playing the actual game. This fun, colorful game also has an autoplay factor in play, so that one can hand over the reels even if they find themselves otherwise occupied.

Big Gaming Fishing Game

Big Gaming Fishing Game is a kind of real-time game that doesn't involve online slot machines like the first two on this list. Players of this game would find themselves underwater while using a gun to shoot at the 208 different symbols of fish that exist within this game. The visuals great as one travels in a deep water journey to get at their winnings. Users also can attain rewards much quicker through mermaid hunting, which adds more spins to their hand, giving one the chance to cash out more money. Aside from this characteristic, each fish has differing values. A user also has the option to shoot at these fish with six guns of differing power to choose from. This game is excellent if you're looking to win more money than what a regular fishing slot game could provide, as players can benefit up to a thousand times per wager. 

Xiyou Fishing Game

Xiyou Fishing Game is a prevalent form of the real-money fishing game as it's not only fun to play but offers bigger payouts for high scores. Players use their own money to buy the bullets required to kill the fish, and with each successful kill does the player receives their points. This type of fishing game has a variety of fish, equipment, and gear that can be used according to the size of the fish you're trying to kill, which is another characteristic of this game that sets it apart from the rest. One must master what tools and features are required for which kind of fish while keeping in mind your budget and the payout from the kill. Fishing season is also an additional attribute of the game that allows players to cash out much more, as swarms of fish or other sea creatures swim across your screen. Thus, allowing greater scope for wins and, therefore, higher amounts to withdraw or to bet again. 

Beginner's Guide To Money Fishing Games

If you're a beginner and don't know how to go about playing in the very first place, it's important to note the following:

  • Pick a game that actually interests you. The game should have some appeal within it, be it their design or visual effects or the payout value assigned to the game. Whatever the reason for your choice, make sure it's one that could hold your interest. Do your research, or ask people you know that may have any experience with using actual money in fishing games.
  • Fish table gambling games usually have three rooms for players to choose from based on their experience and skill level. It's pretty simple advice, but many lose money and interest due to their overconfidence and join a high-level room without being equipped enough. Thus, we recommend choosing a room on either level 1 or 2–depending on which stage you're in as a beginner.
  • When you log in to one of these real-money betting games, you must initiate the bullets and set your betting level before shooting. This is simply done by clicking on the symbol of the gun continuously. We would recommend that when starting, pay attention to the smaller fish as their movement is much slower compared to that of the bigger fish, making them easier targets for relatively new players.
  • Extra bonuses are beneficial in these games, and pretty much anything you see presented across your screen that is not a direct target should benefit you. Bubbles and pearls are just a couple of examples of bonus symbols frequently seen in real-time games. 

Beginners Checklist

Finally, when one is playing any real-time fishing game involving actual money, it's vital to check the website and the credibility of the app. Most games would require you to:

  • Register an account, with all your details
  • Add your bank details for transactions
  • Deposit the amount you're willing to play with into your money wallet
  • Pick the level you're ready to play at
  • Contact the site's admin when your game is done and request them to deposit your winnings into your account
  • After the admin verifies your eligibility only will you attain your winnings and be able to withdraw them


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