West Ham United In The Premier League 2021/22 Season

West Ham United Performance In The EPL 2021/22 Season
Written by, Kristel Gil Mon 10 Jan
West Ham United Performance In The EPL 2021/22 Season
West Ham United Performance In The EPL 2021/22 Season

West Ham United In The Premier League 2021/22 Season

The 2021-22 Premier League season is at its best, with a tenacious battle between three teams for the lead and another strong battle for fourth place and final ticket to the Champions League. Before the start of the season, Manchester United monopolized favoritism with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the team's performance has not been as expected. While the other three big clubs, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea have commanded the Premier League. Manchester City is defending the championship they won last season against the fierce struggle that both Liverpool and Chelsea have imposed on them. Actually, after 16 matches, the difference between first and third place is just two points. This means that we are a long way from deciphering who will be this season's champion.

West Ham Continues To Surprise In The Premier League

So far, the big surprise of the 2021/22 EPL season has been West Ham. Indeed, its performance after 16 matches places it in fourth place and with access to the Champions League. West Ham finished in sixth place last season in the Premier League. This position is notable for a team that does not present any favoritism. Developing a balanced and competitive team has been a project that took several years. Now the results are evident and those led by David Moyes had a great season start. They even are fighting against the first three teams in the league, and after 16 matches, they stay in fourth place.

Michail Antonio has become the best player of this team. After several seasons with West Ham, in which he has played different positions, Moyes has given him the baton as the team's main attacker. And, Antonio has not disappointed his Coach. He is the leader of the team with 6 goals and has contributed with assists. So, the 'Hammers' do not give up that ticket to the Champions. But, one player cannot carry all the responsibilities. Besides, West Ham's performance has not been strong and stable enough to remain calm in fourth place. Currently, as the season enters its final half, the team coached by Moyes faces a huge challenge against three teams that follow closely behind.

West Ham's irregularities, in which they have missed chances to win against teams that occupy lower places, are now paying off. For example, they experienced a losing streak of three consecutive matches that took them away from the teams in the first three places. Additionally, this negative streak brought their rivals in the fifth, sixth and seventh places closer. So, the battle for fourth place in the Premier League (which guarantees entry to the Champions League) has become very strong. West Ham will not have an easy road soon. They will have to face Manchester United, who occupies fifth place. Then, they will go against Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Only three points separate the 'Hamners' from Tottenham, and in each game, these positions can change. West Ham's task is to regain the strength from the start of the season and fight to ward off their powerful rivals. If they succeed, they will seal an unforgettable season.

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