Do You Know What Is Excel eSport

Microsoft Has Its eSport: Excel
Written by, Oscar Holt Sat 02 Apr
Microsoft Has Its eSport: Excel
Microsoft Has Its eSport: Excel

Do You Know What Is Excel eSport

Esports are growing and evolving at unimaginable proportions. Competitions, tournaments, and leagues are multiplying all over the world. In each country, competitors emerge who aspire to be part of relevant teams and obtain money and fame. The most famous eSports are based on video games with millions of international users. Typically, these video games have created substantial economic systems. These systems include prizes, bets, sponsors, and the participation of traditional and online media. So, given the importance and economic possibilities that each eSports produces, it did not take much to imagine that some giant software companies would create their eSports. Very few would imagine that this new eSports would be played on an Excel spreadsheet! But, YES, Microsoft Excel is now an eSport that has even had its first major world tournament! But, that does not sound as unusual as someone might think since eSports are based on electronic competition between different participants. Therefore, if it is on a computer and offers possibilities for users to compete, then an eSport can be born quickly.

Excel As An eSport

Unlike other eSports, Excel participants are generally financial experts who know how to get the most out of the famous spreadsheet. It all began on June 8, 2021, when the Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup was held, a tournament in which eight financial experts from different countries participated. They faced each other one against one to develop optimal economic models. On that occasion, these were the competitors: John Lim from Australia, Gabriel Stroj from Poland, Anup Agarwal from India, Jeff Heng Siang from Malaysia, Michael Jarman from Canada, André Ngai from Australia, Stephanie Annerose from the United States, and Jason Webber from South Africa.

From that moment, the expectation grew both expert users of Excel and young fans of eSports, and Microsoft itself began to popularize Excel as a new eSports. Thus, it automatically generated more interest from experts and novices. Until recently, in December, disputed the Financial Modeling World Cup Open. This open international tournament brings together 128 participants, most of them finances experts. The tournament rules were as complex as the goals each participant had to meet - and where they had to overcome large-scale financial problems using Excel. The competition sought to solve structural situations concerning the world of finance in the shortest possible time.

This event was a total success. Both ESPN and YOUTUBE broadcast the competition live to a much larger audience than the organizers envisioned. Everybody knows that Excel has been a handy application and for many. Nowadays, it is necessary for many people to day-to-day work around the world. Now, in this facet of eSport, it causes a lot of curiosity to know how it has developed that way. In this sense, Australian Andrew Ngai became the first 'Excel Master'. Considering that it is an application as popular (available on most personal computers on the planet), it is guaranteed that this Microsoft bet will become a phenomenon in no time. Therefore, soon we will hear everyone talking about Excel as if it were Ages of Empire.

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