Jan Oblak Of Atletico de Madrid

Jan Oblak: The Barrier Of Atletico de Madrid
Written by, Jacob Cook Tue 05 Jul
Jan Oblak: The Barrier Of Atletico de Madrid
Jan Oblak: The Barrier Of Atletico de Madrid

Jan Oblak Of Atletico de Madrid

Nowadays, standing out as a goalkeeper in world football is very difficult. The eyes of the media and many fans of the sport are focused on attackers or midfielders. So, a goalkeeper becoming a star only happens in exceptional cases. But, currently, there is a star under the three poles of the Atletico de Madrid goal. At 29 years old, Jan Oblak is a living legend and one of the best goalkeepers in the world. This is a remarkable achievement for the man born in the city of Škofja Loka, Slovenia, and the current captain of the national team. In fact, the history of Atletico de Madrid has changed entirely since the 2014-2015 season, the year Jan Oblak arrived. The fact that a team improves because of the arrival of a goalkeeper explains the quality of this player. Also, this improvement shows the leadership he has provided to the Spanish team.

Jan Oblak - Atletico de Madrid Goalkeeper

Oblak has been the goalkeeper with the fewest goals conceded in La Liga in four seasons. Thus, he is a true guarantee for Atletico. Since his first season with Atletico, Oblak has instilled security in his teammates. This allows defenders to do their job more calmly, knowing that Oblak is behind them. Something like this inspires and changes the mental structure of the team members. After all, the goalkeeper's importance and responsibility are significant. Much has been said and written about Oblak. But what makes him so special? Oblak measures 1.88 meters. Although he is not the tallest in the world, he is very agile and has impeccable coordination.

Oblak belongs to the lineage of classic goalkeepers. Unlike many others who want to impress by coming out of the goal area and even acting as if they were defenders or midfielders, Oblak focuses on protecting his zone. He is infallible in the air attack and has the speed to block all kinds of shots. Besides, if any opposing attacker faces him one on one, Oblak is a complete retaining wall. He is not a player looking to impress anyone. He does not do tricks or seek to attract the attention of fans. He is always focused on the play. Before arriving at Atlético, Oblak played a wonderful season with S. L. Benfica. That period in Portugal would serve as a prelude to what he would achieve with Atletico de Madrid. But, Jan Oblak will not forget the last season, not because it was exceptional but quite the opposite. The last one was a bad year in which they scored more goals than ever. But, the team didn't have the defensive strength of the previous year. Atletico's 2021-22 season was a disaster in defense, and this affected Oblak, who received 43 goals, a terrible figure he had never come close to.

For the team, it was bewilderment, and this suddenly complicates the future of Oblak, whose contract expires in 2023. Obviously, there are many interested in signing him. But, Atlético will always have the first option. It remains to be seen if what happened this season was simply a bad year for Oblak and his team or perhaps if the twilight of a legend is approaching.

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