Making Profit By Betting Against The Public

Can I Make a Profit By Betting Against The Public?
Written by, Jacob Cook Sun 07 Aug
Can I Make a Profit By Betting Against The Public?
Can I Make a Profit By Betting Against The Public?

Making Profit By Betting Against The Public

If you are interested in betting, you will surely come across many recommendations on the strategies you should use depending on the market you select. Some strategies are only useful for casino games, such as blackjack or roulette, especially mathematical strategies. Likewise, others can provide optimal results in sports markets such as football, the NBA, or the NFL. So, it is best to know which market you want to focus your effort and money on. Then, investigate the best strategies to use. In sports betting, any detail can cause profit or loss of funds. Thus, in such a wide spectrum, the variety of markets and their subsequent events can create confusion if you are not an expert bettor. But, a strategy has been used almost as long as betting has existed. Even it is perhaps the most widely used in the world, not only because it is simple but also because it has been proven to work very well. This is the strategy of betting against the public or "fading" the public.

The objective is simple. Most people who place bets are not professional or experienced bettors. But, regular people (let's call them "the public") usually do not know about the data that can predict the results of an event. Instead, they base their wagers on media information, fanaticism regarding a team, or simply hunches. This majority is the basis on which the bookmakers calculate the odds of the events. Besides, they maintain the bookmakers' economy. Here is where a true bettor is differentiated from the rest of the public. They are aware of the factors that can affect a bet. As you know, in a football match, there are many betting options, and you will have from who will win the match, who will score the first goal, corners, over/under, etc.

Typically, the public tends to bet on the favorites, ignoring key details such as the home team advantage, key players' injuries, or scoring statistics or patterns. When the public only bets on the favorite and you find that the chance of betting against it are better, do not think about it and place your bet. Something important is to monitor the lines until the match is about to start. This way, you will know what the public is supporting. Thus, you will have a concrete idea about the chance of betting.

One of the best bets to go against the public is the over/under when teams with low scoring percentages are playing. Why? The public never wants to see a match with few goals. Many times, they bet on what they would like to see happen. This gives an advantage to the bettor who thoroughly studies the characteristics and latest statistics of the teams. He will know if the teams come in the middle of streaks of few goals and thus bet with good odds betting against the public. The bottom line is that this strategy can help you win and make good profits, but you must think like a bettor and never become "the public."

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