Premier League Latest Season Title Leaders

The Title Leaders This Premier League Season
Written by, Asher K Sun 30 Dec
The Title Leaders This Premier League Season
The Title Leaders This Premier League Season

The Title Leaders This Premier League Season

English Premier League This Season Title Leaders

The race for this season’s Premier League title will be a close one. There are some incredibly strong teams this year, with each being home to players who are just as skilled and talented as the next.  The fight for the title will undoubtedly be an interesting one. But who will make it to the top and snatch that trophy?

Betting On Liverpool

Liverpool seems like a wise choice. According to professional tipsters, they might be able to usurp current title holders, Manchester City, who are another top pick to win amongst football pundits. But The Reds have history on their side, as no team has been able to pull off two Premier League wins in a row since Manchester United, back in 2009.

The Premier League seems to have been quite the dry spell for Liverpool. They haven’t won a title since 1990, 28 long years ago. They finished 4th last season — Twenty-Five points behind Manchester CityBut based on their current form, and their performance so far, in the pre-season as well as the league, things are looking highly optimistic for the team. Their opening was more than impressive. They won all four, displaying a solid defense, conceding only one goal, which put them on the top of the table, and they will be most likely to stay there for a while comfortably.  It will be a high scoring season for Liverpool. They have Mohamed Salah on their side. Salah is a force to be reckoned with. The forward won the Golden Boot last year, after scoring a record-breaking 32 goals.

New Additions

Jurgen Klopp dished out quite a bit of money this transfer window, around £170 million to be exact. He made some smart moves and brought in the players he needs to build a strong and dynamic, yet cohesive team, strengthening those areas that are necessary to be worked on.  Alisson, for instance, was brought in with a record-breaking signing. The Brazilian goalkeeper is quite the upgrade, compared to Loris Karius. Their front three, Sala, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, have been key players. Them, along with the rest of their teammates, like Andrew Robertson Virgil van Dijk, seem to work together really well.Having said all the Liverpool is indeed City’s main contender this season, and they stand a chance of bagging their 19th League title.

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