Top Five Most Hated Footballers

Top 5 most hated footballers of all time
Written by, Jacob Cook Tue 26 Feb
Top 5 most hated footballers of all time
Top 5 most hated footballers of all time

Top Five Most Hated Footballers

As much as we love football and all the fuzz going on around this sport, there are always some players that will put an ugly cut and ruin the image of the game.

Players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo ( Brazilian), Shearer, Matt Le Tissier, Santi Cazorla, etc. are the reason we fell in love over and over again in this beautiful contest.

In the same fashion, like yin and yang, there’s no good without the bad.

We made a list of top 5 most hated footballers in the history of football.

Number 5: Sergio Busquets

Although Sergio is a brilliant footballers and one of the most consistent to ever play this game, his tendency to cheat has put a big mud on his name.

He always tries to get a yellow card out of referee’s pocket for his opponents, absorbing extra hate and tons of abuses even from neutral fans.

Particularly frustrating is the way he’s rolling on the floor after a routine tackle or a soft kick, even though he always gets up and continue to play like nothing happened after that.

Those simulations against Inter in the Champions League or his never-ending flops against Real Madrid whenever they meet, are taking him to the 5th place of our list of top 5 most hated footballers.

Number 4: Joey Barton

Numerous red cards, hundreds of stupid fights and multitude moments of craziness. That is Joey Barton. It seems to whenever he goes, whatever he does, there has to be a controversy glued to it.

A tough midfielder, an extraordinary, courageous player, who just couldn’t control his ego.

From getting into fights at nightclubs to gambling at his games and even serving a jail sentence, Joey Barton has to be one of the most controversial and one of the most hated footballers of all times.

Number 3: Pepe

European champion, La Liga winner, Champions League winner all that is written in Pepe’s portfolio. However, when it comes to hate, he is the first name that you could think of.

The Portuguese developed a violent style of play including punching opponents, stamping on them, deliberately injuring players, head-butting and so many other shameless acts, impossible to remember all of them.

That moment of madness against Getafe, when he started kicking an injured player rolling on the floor, before pushing and punching his teammate who tried to help him, sums up his violent behavior, which gets him in 3rd place in our list.

Number 2: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Some may argue against Zlatan being on this list.

However, his big ego and bravado personality take him to the 2nd place of our list of top 5 most hated football players.

The Swede might be considered as one of the most exciting players of all time, but his off the pitch comments and boasting are what makes him a target of hate.

While at Milan Zlatan once kung-fu kicked Antonio Cassano in the head during an interview. He laughed at a St. Ettiene player for being a footballer no one knew while at PSG and stamped on a leader of an Olimpique Lyonnais defender. He refused to walk towards the referee after being called and called Paris sh*t city.

Some fans might find this fresh, but most of them won’t say one good word for Ibracadabra.

Number 1: Luis Suarez

Without a doubt, the most hated football players of all time are Luis Suarez.

As all of the listed above, great footballer, even better finisher but worst regarding controlling his attitude.

He is constantly arguing with players, even for no reason and you never know what his moment of madness might deliver. A punch, a kick, a bite???

Yes, you read that right!!

And it happened not once, not twice but three times in three different situations.

While at Ajax he bites PSV’s Otman Bakkal, during his stay at Liverpool he repeated his cannibalistic act by biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. When everyone thought he did his worst, he bites Giorgio Chiellini while playing for his country Uruguay at the World Cup.

Tons of cheating, stamping, punching are just left in the shadow, after what he has done to these three players.

He is by far, the most hated football player to ever play the game!!!

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