Most Celebrated Moments In Ronaldinho Career

Five Most Celebrated Moments In Ronaldinho Career
Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 31 May
Five Most Celebrated Moments In Ronaldinho Career
Five Most Celebrated Moments In Ronaldinho Career

Most Celebrated Moments In Ronaldinho Career

Free Kick lob against England

How can you forget it!? It was the quarterfinals of 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan, and a free kick was awarded just on the right side, 30 meters from David Seaman’s goal.

The situation was ideal for a good cross, but Ronaldinho would not have been who he is if he hadn’t thought differently.

He took the famous two step backward, ran to the ball and curled a powerful shot to the far corner, surprising Arsenal legend David Seaman to put Brazil 2-1 up. It is proven to be the winning goal and Brazil went through the semi-finals and later won the World Cup.

Last goal for FC Barcelona

No doubt, Dinho become famous wearing blue and garnet.

During his stay at FC Barcelona, he scored 70 times in 141 appearances, but we’ll put his last goal against Atletico Madrid as the 4th best moment in his career.

It was a La Liga match at Vicente Calderon, Xavi entered the box and chipped an excellent pass on the left side, Ronaldinho then flicked with a magnificent bicycle kick to put Barsa in front.

Sadly, it was his last goal for the club as he left just three months later for AC Milan.

Stamford Bridge magic

One that will stick in our memories for a long time!

The second leg of a Champions League last 16 in 2005. Barcelona vs. Chelsea.

Chelsea led 3-2, but then, out of nowhere Ronaldinho received a pass from Iniesta just outside of the box. Three players quickly surrounded him, he stopped the ball, fainted a shot and BOOM! He scored with a breathtaking out of the toes shot, right into the left corner of Petr Cech net, who couldn’t even move.

Dinho stayed cool, put on his trademarked big smile and went on to celebrate with his teammates.

Santiago Bernabeu standing ovation

Yes, you read that right!!!

Can you imagine? Real Madrid fans, who hate Barcelona, on top of that losing by a three goals margin at their stadium, couldn’t resist and gave the toothy-grinned wizard a standing ovation after putting up one of the best displays ever seen in the history of football.

He took the ball from his own half, ran past five players and scored with a neat finish past Casillas.

The bitter rivalry was then put aside as Real Madrid fans started applauding Ronaldinho after witnessing the spectacular performance a player can put into a game of 90 minutes.

Role model

We can all be considered as extremely lucky to have witnessed a magician at his prime doing everything: flicks, no look passes, overheads, etc. but most importantly, he never let his big smile leave his face.

He is one of the most beloved men in the world, and his style of play inspired many young generations, even Lionel Messi who numerous times admitted Ronaldinho had a significant influence on his career.

Despite his passion for partying and hanging around with beautiful models, his wind character and broad smile will always have a special place in our hearts.

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