Most Valuable Football Clubs In 2019

The Most Valuable Football Clubs In 2019
Written by, Jake Woodward Thu 11 Jul
The Most Valuable Football Clubs In 2019
The Most Valuable Football Clubs In 2019

Most Valuable Football Clubs In 2019

Anyone even remotely familiar with the game would know that there is a lot of money involved in football. It is the most popular sport in the world, from sponsorships and brand deals to ticket sales and merchandise, the top flight clubs rake in millions, and in some cases, billions every year. Millions of passionate fans from every country in tune in to watch their favorite clubs play. Some even dish out hundreds of pounds for a chance to watch them play live. Between all of this, it's safe to say that some football clubs are worth piles of money that are only getting bigger as the days go by.

According to a report published by Forbes in 2018, the average value of the 20 most valuable football clubs has gone up by 14% since 2017 and 74% since 2013.


Manchester United

The most successful Premier League team in history is one of the most valuable clubs of all time. Of late, they may not be the best in the pitch, but in the business side of things, it's all smoother sailing. Last year, they were worth a whopping $4.12 billion, $430 million more than last year. They also generated $737 million in revenue. The next most valuable English club is Manchester City because of their careful spending over the past few years that have made them quite a success.


Real Madrid

Spanish giants Real Madrid is also a precious club. They were just behind the Red Devils last year, by $30 million. At the time Forbes' report was published, they were worth $4.9 million. But based on current growth rates, Madrid could surpass United in terms of value this year. The top two teams from Spain make this list in the form of Real Madrid and Barcelona.



Barcelona and Real Madrid have always been at loggerheads, even when it comes to revenue. They followed close behind their El Clasico counterparts, with $4.6 million to their name. They fell from 2nd spot in 2017 to 3rd last year. But like Manchester United, they too saw a 12% increase in value. This year, the Catalan side could reclaim the 2nd spot, or who knows, maybe even the 1st.


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