England Greatest XI

England Greatest XI Of All Time
Written by, Jacob Cook Wed 24 Jul
England Greatest XI Of All Time
England Greatest XI Of All Time

England Greatest XI

Over the years, English football has seen some stellar, top quality talent. Some of the best, most skilled football players in the world hail from England. Taking into consideration the sheer amount of skill involved, who would make it into a team of their greatest players?



Gordon Banks

Several believe that Gordon Banks was England's greatest goalkeeper, and very few would deny that. He has represented the English side 73 times with 35 clean sheets and has a long list of achievements to his name. He was awarded the title of FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year 6 times in a row and was named the second best goalkeepers of all time by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. He even made it on to Pelé's FIFA 100.

He is said to have made one of the most magnificent saves of all time when he denied Pele's header during a World Cup match against Brazil in 1970.



Gary Neville - Right Back

Gary Neville is possibly one of the best right backs England has ever seen. He very efficiently served in this position for his national team for more than ten years, with 85 caps. He was a reliable defender, aggressive yet versatile and professional. Bobby Moore and Tony Adams - Centre Backs

Bobby Moore is often said as one of England's best players and also their greatest defender ever. Even Pelé thinks so. As Captain, he led his squad to their first and only World Cup Victory, back in 1966, when he was only 23 years old For his efforts, he became the first football player to be named as BBC'S Sports Personality of the Year. He was also given an OBE and officially inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002. Moore deserves a spot in England's greatest IX.

Tony Adams too was a key defender in the English National team. He was a skilled defender, and it was virtually impossible to get through him. He won 66 caps with his team, which he captained for a brief period, during which he played a pivotal role driving Euro 96. also a key player for the Premier League club, Arsenal, and is often regarded as one of their best players of all time.


Ashley Cole - Left back

Despite not winning any major international tournaments during his time in England, many believe Ashley Cole to be the best left back of his generation, or even of all time. He has made 107 appearances for his team, which goes to prove his worth as a fullback. He was part of the Arsenal squad during their 2003 - 04 season, where they remained undefeated through their Premier League campaign.

He currently plays as a left back for the MSL club LA Galaxy.


David Beckham

“Anyone can cook Aloo Gobi, but who can bend a ball like Beckham?” - Jess, Bend It Like Beckham.

When you have a movie whose title is a testament to your skills, you know you're good.

Pelé named him as one of the greatest living players. He was nominated for the coveted Ballon d'Or, as well as FIFA World player of the year.

He captained the English team for six years and made 58 appearances.

As one of their greatest midfielders of all time, Beckham deserves a place amongst England's greats.


Bryan Robson

Bryan Robson was more than just a midfielder. He was an all-around talent and an inspiring captain. In addition to being a fantastic midfielder, Robson was also a prolific goal scorer as well. In 90 appearances for England, he scored 26 goals. He is also Manchester United's longest-serving captain.


Sir Bobby Charlton

As one of the greatest midfielders of all time, Bobby Charlton would be a top pick. He played a vital role in England’s 1966 World Cup victory. He was won the much coveted after Ballon d'Or the same year. Apart from his talents as a midfielder, he was an immensely talented goal scorer. He was known for his powerful long-range shots. With 49 goals in 106 appearances, Bobby Charlton is England's second all-time leading goal scorer. He is versatile and technically skilled, indeed a complete payer.



Wayne Rooney

Why wouldn't anyone pick Wayne Rooney, the current top goal scorer for the English National Team as well as Manchester United to be a part of England's Greater IX. He is one of the youngest players ever to represent his national senior team, and is the youngest English goalscorer. Over his career, he has won multiple honors, including the England Player of the Year award four times, and the Premier League Player of the Month award five times.


Gary Lineker

Forty-eight goals in just 80 appearances in 8 years make Gary Lineker a worthy candidate. He is England's 3rd highest goal scorer, after Wayne Rooney and Sir Bobby Charlton. Lineker has a national record for most goals scored at a World Cup final.

During his outstanding career, several clubs fought to sign him due to his extraordinary form and talent. Gary Lineker remains as one of the best English strikers of all time.


Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer has played as a striker for several top Premier League clubs. As of now, with 260 goals he is the all-time goalscorer of the Premier League.

He also snagged a spot in the FIFA 100 list of the greatest living football players.

He played an important part in England's success in the 1996 Euros campaign, where he was awarded the Golden Boot. With 63 caps and 30 goals in his international career, Shearer is without a doubt a gifted striker. all-round

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