Could Cristiano Ronaldo be Headed for The Top Spot in Europe?

Cristiano Ronaldo Heading for The Top Spot in Europe
Written by, Jacob Cook Fri 17 Aug
Cristiano Ronaldo Heading for The Top Spot in Europe
Cristiano Ronaldo Heading for The Top Spot in Europe

Could Cristiano Ronaldo be Headed for The Top Spot in Europe?

As the Premier League gears up for the winter break, the rest of the top five leagues in Europe are still in business with most of them working harder than ever to improve on their table fixtures.

Neymar still reminds the undisputed king of football but his closest rival, one Cristiano Ronaldo is quickly catching on and he continues with the same energy, he will soon dethrone Neymar.

For example, during the recent match between Real Madrid and Getafe, Cristiano Ronaldo became the second player ever to score over 300 La Liga goals after his tremendous performance where he scored two goals in this particular match (held on 03.03.2018).

Surprisingly, this top performer has also been categorized as the fastest EVER player to reach the triple century mark. The 33-year-old player joins the likes of Messi and other top players who have become Europe’s top players to score over 300 goals for a single club.

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Below are some other notable performances of this Portuguese professional footballer:

Cristiano Ronaldo The Top Goal Scorer In Qualifying And Finals

  • Cristiano Ronaldo made an impressive mark in the 2016 Euro by scoring three goals. This achievement earned him get recognized as one of the all-time top scorers in the qualifiers and the finals of the European Championships.
  • He was the first player to score in four editions of the European Championships becoming the only player to have made such a mark. These goals were (two goals in Euro 2004, one in Euro 2008, three in Euro 2012 and 2016).
  • He still tops the list as the player with the most European championship appearances
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the first ever player to have played two finals in 12 years
  • The player is the eleventh to win the Champions League and European Championships within the same year: He has won trophies for both his club and his country.

As a soccer bettor, we know how important it is to get a glimpse of the performances of some of the notable figures in soccer.

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